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Subject: Odious Holocaust Denial by leading PA historian
Author: Unknown
Date Sent to Zipple: Sunday, December 03, 2000 8:31 AM


The exploitation of the Holocaust for Palestinian purposes is widespread in the Palestinian Authority. This exploitation includes Holocaust denial, equating Israel and Zionism to Nazism, claims that it was the Palestinians who suffered a holocaust, and others. This week is a educational broadcast on PA TV, a senior Palestinian historian in a talk with Arafat's Education Advisor said the Holocaust was a lie and Auschwitz a place for disinfecting Jews. Noteworthy also is Arafat's Advisor's denial of Israel's existence and the defining of Israel as a "cancer".

The Program:

"Pages From Our History" November 29 Special Broadcast lamenting the UN partition of Mandatory Palestine and recognizing a Jewish State.

Participants: Dr. Jareer Al-Kidwah, advisor to "President" Arafat
Dr. Issam Sissalem, history lecturer, Islamic University Gaza, portrayed frequently by the Palestinian press as an expert on Jews and Judaism,

The Discussion:

Al-Kidwah (asked regarding the UN partition):
"I want to say that this is our Palestine, from Metulla [Israel's northernmost city] to Rafiah [Southern border] and to Aqaba [Israel's southernmost point], from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea; whether they want it or not."

"...Lies surfaced about Jews being murdered here and there, and the Holocaust. And, of course, they are all lies and unfounded claims. No Chelmno, no Dachau, no Auschwitz! [They] were disinfection sites... They began to publicize in their propaganda that they were persecuted, murdered and exterminated... Committees acted here and there to establish this entity [Israel-Ed.], this foreign entity, implanted as a cancer in our country, where our fathers lived, where we live, and where our children after us will live. They always portrayed themselves as victims, and they made a Center for Heroism and Holocaust. Whose heroism? Whose Holocaust? Heroism is our nation's, the holocaust was against our people... We were the victims, but we shall not remain victims forever..." [PATV 29-NOV-00]


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