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Subject: American Friends of Israelis in Danger
Date Sent to Zipple: Sunday, December 17, 2000 3:39 AM

**SHALOM! I'd like to thank all of you who have sent in your very generous donations to American Friends. I don't always receive the list of people in writing who have donated, but I want you to all know how I appreciate your generosity and kindness. May we all merit the coming of Moshiach very soon so that our work will not be needed.


The "American Friends of Israelis in Danger" is a group that is dedicated to disseminating information about what is happening in Israel on a personal level. It is one thing to read in the newspapers what is happening, or to see it on the television [when and if the television news reports what is happening fairly and truthfully] but it is quite another thing to be brought into the lives of people actually experiencing what is happening in Israel NOW.

An integral part of our goal of disseminating true information about YESHA is to directly support the "Yesha Renewal Movement" led by Mordechai Sones of Nachliel in the Shomron, Israel. He, more than any other figure, has been a leader in pointing out the "Shape of Things to Come" for well over three years. Unfortunately the Israeli Government and some of today's Jews, like those of pre-World War II Europe, have not wanted, until now, to hear the truth that was living, literally, in their own back yards. Now they know, and regardless of the fact that they refused the information before, we and the Yesha Renewal Movement stand ready to help them all.

While the Arabs took note of the strategic importance of YESHA, and Mordechai Sones explained the same to other Jews, that information was largely unheeded for those years. Now even the non-Jewish world is awakening to see that what Mordechai predicted was accurate and true and is tragically, unfortunately, unfolding before our very eyes.

Mordechai has several goals right now. There are many, many yishuvim in Israel which are entirely unprepared for what is happening now and for what may yet transpire if the Israeli government and the IDF do not stand up to the Arab threat. Mordechai makes information available to these yishuvim so that those who live there may learn how to LEGALLY protect themselves and to understand what is going on.

**To those of you who are new to our organization, you should know that we are supported by the Toronto Zionist Council and work closely with them as well as the Yesha Renewal Movement. We also have the approval of Rabbi Mendel Feldman of Khal Ahavas Yisrael Tzemach Tzedek. We need your help now - no matter what the size of your donation is, every little bit helps. Please send your tax-deductible dollars to Rabbi Feldman at Khal Ahavas Yisrael Tzemach Tzedek, 6811 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21215. PLEASE, make sure that you attach a note that says that it is for the American Friends of Israelis in Danger, otherwise, the people who handle the incoming checks have no way of knowing who it is for. If you will, please send me a note. SOmetimes, while the checks always do get to me, I don't receive a written list of the donors. I do like to acknowledge people's generosity, so if you can, please notify me that a check has been sent out.

**IMPORTANT* I am moving on Monday, December 18 and so my computer will be off-line until the DSL line is installed in my new office. I will be trying to access my e-mail through my regular line but don't yet know if it will work. Keep your messages coming- and your questions also.

If you would prefer to send an item for the yishuvim in Israel rather than money, I'm attaching our medical needs list. If you'd like to pick out one item that you can purchase, please do so and send it to 7007 Wallis Ave [our P.O. Box isn't quite big enough for boxes of gauze, antibiotics, alcohol, etc.] PLEASE - examine the list and see if you can send something on it for us to send to Israel on your behalf.

Download Medical Needs List


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