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Date Sent to Zipple: Sunday, December 19, 2000
by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Sorry to bring you this message but, it seems that once again we Jews have chosen the path to extinction without protest - as we did in Europe. Granted some Jews survived and made it to Israel but, as you may recall, most of our people perished.

The corrupters, both in Israel and America, are energetically working through the nights to ensure that Yassir Arafat takes all of Israel that he has pledged to take. We Jews watch helplessly as Clinton, with his Jewish State Department corrupters tie the knot on the hangman’s noose with Barak supplying the rope.

The pretense of peace in the failed agreements of Oslo I & II, Hebron, Wye, Camp David II, and Sharm are now to be superceded by another Sham Agreement yet to be named. We have now heard from Arafat that he will come to Washington at the request of Clinton and Barak, if all the pre-arrangements are to his satisfaction. Take that to mean that Barak, in order to save himself, will guarantee surrender of even more land than he offered before and begged Arafat to accept at Camp David II?

The corrupters, now in a frenzy before they lose the power of their government offices, are willing to accept the killing of every Jew in Israel - if it will give Clinton and Barak what they want as their legacy.

The biggest tragedy is that we Jews have seen it all before and we are once again waiting patiently for the arrangements to be made for our deaths. Yes, we protest and complain but, in a way, we are like the Germans - we dutifully take orders. We do not take to the streets en masse and throw out a government that has shown not only incompetence but a willingness to trade the lives of her citizens for agreements written on toilet paper.

Where is the normalcy of rage as we see terrorist snipers in the Palestinian Police/Para-Military pick off our men, women and children with roadside bombs and sniper rifles?

Where is the rage in Israel’s military against a corrupt Prime/Defense Minister who has shown irrefutable cowardice and misjudgement?

Where is the honest fury after the failure of each agreement - even allowing the corrupters to stay in government?

I fear that we Jews must again die like the proverbial sheep as we did during the years of WWII. How quietly we lined up as the Germans herded us into box cars. Our only protests seemed to be when we started clawing at the walls inside the gas chambers in our last moments of frenzy as we really, really realized we were going to die. I exclude the few who did fight back then and those who fight back now.

Today, as the corrupters gather us for our last days, our pitiful protests are barely heard. Tents of protest are set up near the Prime Minister’s residence. Sometimes there are protest gatherings but they are polite and law-abiding. The corrupters sit safe and smug in their offices, knowing they face no risk from the wrath of the people. Even the Knesset quibbles and negotiates with each other not to save the nation from Barak and his Leftist gang but, merely to shamefully hold on to their seats of power.

Yossi Beilin, Barak’s Justice [?] Minister, negotiated the first Oslo Accords in secret while it was still illegal to meet with the PLO terrorist organization. When asked why, he frankly admitted at an International Conference we hosted that: "If the Israeli people or the Knesset knew what we were doing, they would have stopped us." Beilin was negotiating with the PLO as long ago as the 1980s. Prof. Ruth Wisse reviewed Beilin’s book "His Brother’s Keeper" in the November COMMENTARY. She describes him as the architect of Oslo. His plans were to establish a Palestinian State and de-Judaize Israel. Clearly, Beilin and Shimon Peres fathered the plan to dismantle the State of Israel by making her vulnerable and wiping out the bedrock of her very being, namely that of being a Jewish State. Perhaps one day those who dismantled Israel will be indicted and tried for subversion but, I wouldn’t count on it.

Perhaps HaShem will receive the dead, honoring them for their passivity or - perhaps not.

So. Dear Jews, don’t even bother to pack your bags for Babylon because there is nowhere to go and no one to take you in. The corrupters have chosen death for us and we have apparently accepted our fate. When Israel has been attacked by the Arab nations and the Jews eliminated, be assured the package will eventually include American Jews. Not to worry, we will not be forgotten. After all, it will not have been the first time our so-called leaders have chosen death over life.

But, this is the opposite of how we are told to act as observant Jews. Think of all the industry our extinction will provide: new museums, books analyzing our passivity, even our prophets will be divied up - some on pedestals in churches and some honored in mosques adopted as Muslims.

So, buy your burial site and pray someone is left to bury you and to say ‘Kaddish’. It will be easy to blame Barak, Peres, Beilin and Rabin. It will be correct to blame Clinton and his Jewish team. But, in the end, we have only ourselves to blame. We just didn’t chose Life!


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