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Subject: Jewish Renewal in Israel
Date Sent to Zipple: Thursday, December 28, 2000 7:22 AM

The following message was sent by Yoram Getzler, the chair of the Jewish Renewal movement in Israel, to the Pnai Or-Aleph-Rabbinic list. I am taking it upon myself to give his message wider circulation. I am also forwarding the message to a number of other lists. In some cases, the subject matter of the message will be tangential to the area of concern of the list, but will nevertheless be of interest to many of the members of the list[s] in question. The text that follows is entirely his. May I, in turn, ask that you give this message the widest possible circulation. Time is of the essence. This message should also be forwarded to the representatives of all parties [Israeli, Palestinian and American] involved in the current negotiations.



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