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Subject: Little angels on the way to school were bombed. Read this and cry
Author: Dr. Miriam Adahan
Date Sent to Zipple: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 10:27 AM

> By Dr. Miriam Adahan

> Once upon a time, but not very long ago, there was a very special
> group of neshamas in Heaven called the Cohen Family. They were very happy
> learning Torah and doing special deeds for others when one day, an angel
> came and said that Hashem wanted to see them urgently.
> In an instant, they were in His presence. He hugged each one warmly and
> said how glad He was to see them. Then He became serious and said, "I have
> a very special mission for you. You are soon going to be born again in
> Eretz Yisrael."
> They clapped happily, for they wanted so much to be together in the
> Land of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. "Tell us more," they inquired with
> great curiosity.
> "As usual, the Jewish people will be in great danger," said Hashem,
> "And you will be sent to save them! But it will require great courage and
> fortitude."
> "What does that require?" the father asked.
> "Already on the planet is a very evil man known as Arafat, very
> cunning and cruel, like all dictators. Soon to be elected is an American
> president named Bill Clinton, a very egotistical, foolish and impetuous
> who is in love with no one but himself. He will take this evil Arafat, who
> promotes himself as the savior of his people, and will convince the
> American people, that this is indeed true. And people all around the
> who are also foolish flatterers and love kavod, will laud this evil
> murderer as if he is a man of peace and will give him billions of dollars
> for his so-called
> peace projects!"
> The Cohen family members were astounded at how stupid people can be.
> "The evil Arafat will call himself the leader of the Palestinian
> people, and will promise his people great wealth and honor. They will fall
> for these empty promises and run to sacrifice their lives for him. Then
> evil Arafat will use all the money he has collected for himself and his
> fellow thugs. He will exploit the Palestinian people and cause them to be
> terribly impoverished. Then, when they become enraged, he will say that it
> is Israel's fault, so that they will want to destroy Israel."
> "Won't people see how evil Arafat is?" asked the Cohen children,
> wide-eyed. "The world down," said Hashem, "is a place of deceit and
> falsehood - Olam Hasheker. Only those who cling to Torah will see the
> truth, because Torah is truth and light. The rest are blind. That's how
> this evil Arafat can travel around the world and gain the world's
> admiration while causing everyone to hate little Israel. He will be feted
> and fawned over as if he is a great man. And those Jews who only love
> will be his greatest admirers and will bring Israel to the brink of
> self-destruction! Such is the nature of the Olam Hasheker."
> "Little by little Arafat will inflict more and more harm on the little
> nation of Israel, but he will claim that he is the one who is the
> victim, like all evil people do All the world's politicians and all the
> fashionable people, especially those Jews who only care about power and
> money, will curry favor with him and want to give him more and more of our
> precious land of Israel. But the more they give, the more isolated and
> reviled Israel will be."
> The Cohen family listened, fascinated, holding each other's hands as they
> listened to Hashem's words. "Where do we come in," the father asked.
> "Look at your bodies well," Hashem said with great love. "Look at
> your arms and legs and fingers. See how beautiful you are. These are your
> bodies of Light, your real bodies. When you go down to Planet Earth, you
> will not take these bodies with you. You will have temporary bodies, like
> clothes, which you will wear for a short time. You will need these
> temporary bodies because it's the only way to do mitzvot. Having a body
> changes your sense of time. On Planet Earth, time seems to go by very
> slowly when you are in pain. And you will have a lot of pain. But up here,
> a lifetime is over in the blink of an eye."
> "You two," he said, pointing to the parents, "Will go down first."
> "Oh, how long will it be before we see our parents again," the
> children wondered.
> "Don't worry," Hashem soothed them. "You will follow shortly. And you will
> be very loved on earth, just as you are here. Each one of you is so
> precious. You will live in a small yishuv called Kfar Darom, with lots of
> children and lots of joy and love. And you will have a few years of great
> happiness. You, Orit, will love to dance. You, Yisrael, will love to play
> soccer. And You, Tehilla, will love to skip and jump and just run around."
> "And then the evil Arafat will have more and more power, because
> that's all he cares about, even though he will use words like peace and
> justice to fool all the foolish people. He will provoke little Israel
> endlessly with constant attacks on the Jewish people, hurting and maiming
> and killing them whenever he can. And the foolish leaders of Israel will
> actually give them the guns to kill the Jewish people!"
> "How can that be," asked the father indignantly.
> "In the Olam of sheker, you will be very shocked at how cruel and
> stupid people can be, especially the leaders of Israel. And your heart
> break. The fashionable people will even say that you brave settlers are
> obstacles to peace and that if only your little settlements will be
> uprooted, then peace will prevail."
> "How can people be so stupid," asked the mother.
> "That is the way of those who have no Torah," said Hashem. "And this is
> where you come in. As the noose tightens around the Jewish people and the
> evil Arafat causes more deaths, Israel will be in grave danger. The more
> Jews he kills, the more the world loves him and hates the Jews. They will
> condemn Israel in every parliament in every country and only have pity for
> the Arabs."
> "How can that every change," asked mother Noga.
> "This is where you come in. One day, you will put your children on a
> bus and the evil Arafat will cause that bus to be bombed. Your three
> children," he pointed lovingly to Orit, Tehilla and Yisrael,
> "will all lose limbs." The children looked shocked. He told them to come
> over and hugged them close to him. "Beautiful Orit," he said, "will lose
> her foot. Yisrael will lose his leg." Then He took little Tehilla on his
> lap and told her lovingly. "And you," He said, "will lose both of your
> and even two fingers."
> "Oh dear," said the little children who all loved to skip and dance
> and jump and just run around and whenever they could. The parents looked
> upset. The mother bit her lip to keep from crying and the father held her
> close.
> "But it is the only way to save Israel. This great sacrifice is
> needed to turn world opinion against the evil Arafat, at least the people
> who are capable of seeing a little light. I needed a very brave and loving
> family and I have chosen you. Remember always that your Bodies of Light,
> your real bodies, are Up Here and whole and beautiful. The bodies you will
> have down there are temporary will look maimed, but they will enable you
> do great mitzvot. Do you want to go on this mission? It is your choice. I
> will not force you."
> The family members looked at each other and talked about what would be.
> "As long as we can be together," the father said.
> "You will be," said Hashem solemnly.
> "How will we manage?" asked the mother, a bit fearfully.
> "I will send you many angels - hundreds of them to you," said Hashem.
> "These angles will look like ordinary people, but they will help to
> food and lift your children in and out of wheelchairs and there will be
> many others who will send money to help you manage. You will feel MY
> presence at all times, often in the middle of the night, when you will cry
> yourself to sleep and feel heartbroken about your poor little children. I
> will be there. I will remind you that these brave little children have
> helped to save Am Yisrael, and that will give you comfort. It is not a
> coincidence that your children will have these names. Your little YISRAEL
> will be a symbol of Am Yisrael; even though he limps, like my beloved
> Yaakov, he will be strong in his faith and be an inspiration to others
> of how to live with faith despite all the Lavans which flourish in the
> planet Earth. And your ORIT , what light she will bring to the world with
> her beautiful smile. And she WILL dance, I promise! And many people will
> encouraged to come to the light of Torah because of her."
> "And you, my precious Tehilla," He said, hugging her very close,
> "Because of you, millions of people will same tehillim. Yours will be the
> hardest trial of all. You will spend your life in a wheelchair down on
> planet Earth, but Up Here, your beautiful whole Body of Light will be
> waiting for you! Me and all of My angels will surround you with LOVE.
> Whenever your hearts are breaking, be very quiet, and feel My love. I will
> also send special angels who will love your children - a special wife to
> love Yisrael and special husbands who will love Orit and Tehilla and who,
> because they are angels, will not be at all concerned by their external
> handicaps, because angels are only concerned with the inner beauty -
> how
> you know who is an angel!"
> Hashem looked at the other children who had not been hurt in the
> bombing and told them that they, too, would have to be very brave and
> helpful. "But we LOVE TO HELP," they said. Hashem smiled at them lovingly.
> "I know," He said looking at them with utmost love and tenderness. "That's
> why I've chosen you."
> "You are people of great courage and faith. Those are the qualities
> which will help you to carry out this mission. Are you ready?" He asked
> Cohen family. The Cohen family all looked at each other and held hands.
> They looked at their perfect Bodies of Light in order to remember the
> Truth. And then they all suddenly found themselves in a hospital in
> Beersheva.....
> BE AN ANGEL FOR THE COHEN FAMILY: Funds can be sent to Lippy Friedman,
> Yeshiva Bnei Akiva, POB 4537, Beer Sheva 84144 (07-6411087) or to Bank
> Mizrachi #20, account 071010, branch 426, Beersheva. All contributions
> go directly to the help the Cohens with the enormous expenses they are


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