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Jewish Weddings - A Guide By Harry Nelson

The world of Jewish weddings can be extremely confusing. Unfortunately, it's not just a matter of the differences between Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jewish weddings. The range of authentic Jewish traditions and customs that couples incorporate into their weddings is staggering, especially when you consider all of the variations. Take, for instance, circling, the custom of the bride circling her groom under the chuppah. (a glossary of Jewish wedding terms is provided below). Some say seven times. Others say three times. A more recent, egalitarian modification is for the groom to circle his bride. Or for the couple circle the chuppah together. With all of these permutations, it's easy to get lost in the world of Jewish weddings.

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Chah-what? Chatan!: A Jewish Wedding Guide for Grooms By Harry Nelson

Much has been written about planning a Jewish wedding. Far less help is available to the chatan (pronounced “hah-tahn” with a guttural first “h”) – the groom in a Jewish wedding. The purpose of this guide is to offer a planning guide for grooms to think about groom-oriented traditions in a Jewish wedding.

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