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Holocaust - Museums

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Asia & Australia (2)
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Europe (5)
Israel (3)

United States (11)

Asia & Australia >>

Holocaust Memorial Center - Japan
Sydney Jewish Museum - Sydney, Australia

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Europe >>

Anne Frank House - The Netherlands
The Austrian Jewish Museum - Eisenstadt, Austria
Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre - London, England
The Mechelen Museum of Deportation and Resistance - Belgium
The Memorial to the Children of Izieu - Izieu, France

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Israel >>

Biet Theresienstadt - Israel
The Ghetto Fighter's House - Haifa, Israel
Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center - Jerusalem, Israel

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United States >>

The Anne Frank Center - New York City, New York
The Boston Holocaust Memorial - Boston, Massachusetts
C.A.N.D.L.E.S Holocaust Museum - Terre Haute, Indiana
Desert Holocaust Memorial - Palm Springs, California
El Paso Holocaust Museum and Center - El Paso, Texas
Florida Holocaust Memorial Museum - St. Petersburg, Florida
Holocaust Memorial Center at Wayne State University - Michigan
Holocaust Museum - Houston, Texas
Museum of Jewish Heritage - Battery Park, New York
The Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance - Los Angeles, California
United States Holocaust Museum - Washington DC

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