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The Chanukah kids' bookshelf
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
December 11, 2000

NEW YORK—The following are some recommended Chanukah children's books:
  • "Judah Who Always Said 'No!' " by Harriet Feder. Illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn. Kar-Ben Copies. (For ages 3-4)
    A little boy in Jerusalem-Judah Maccabee, no less-whose propensity for saying no turns into political resistance.
  • "Jeremy's Dreidl," by Ellie Gellman. Illustrated by Judith Friedman. Kar-Ben Copies. (For ages 4-8)
    In this story set in modern times, a little boy makes a braille dreidl for his blind father.
  • "A Hanukkah Treasury," edited by Eric Kimmel. Illustrated by Emily Lisker. Henry Holt, $19.95. (For ages 4-12)
    This compilation of stories by the author of "Herschel and the Hannukah Goblins" features stories, songs, poetry, recipes, legends and cultural lore, as well as lush illustrations.
  • "The Story of Hanukkah," by Norma Simon. Illustrated by Leonid Gore. HarperTrophy, $5.95.
    Rich illustrations help this picture book teach the basics of the holiday. (For ages 5-6)
  • "Chanukah Fun," by Tali Marcus Minelli. Illustrated by Stewart Walton. Tupelo Books, $7.95.
    A hands-on craft book that features stencils, cut-out pages and puzzles. (For ages 5-8)
  • "The Borrowed Chanukah Latkes," by Linda Glaser. Illustrated by Nancy Cote. $15.95, Albert Whitman & Co.
    A little girl teaches an elderly woman how to accept as well as give. (For ages 5-8)
  • "Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins," by Eric Kimmel. Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. Holiday House, $16.95. (For ages 5-9)
    In this Caldecott Medal-winning book, clever Hershel of Ostropol outwits the goblins who try to prevent a village from celebrating the Festival of Lights.
  • "The Chanukah Blessing," by Peninnah Schram. Illustrated by Jeffrey Allon. UAHC Press, $12.95. (For ages 6-10)
    An Elijah story about a stranger who helps out a poor family after the family welcomes him.
  • "The Jar of Fools: Eight Hanukkah Stories from Chelm," by Eric Kimmel. Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein. Holiday House, $18.95. (For ages 7-12)
    These hilarious stories are set in the legendary Polish Jewish town of Chelm, a hotbed of fools.

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