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Hadassah Holiday Feature
March 16, 2001

Jerusalem-- According to an occupational psychologist at the Hadassah Career Counseling Institute in Jerusalem, even Israeli women, with high-powered professional positions, panic at the "P" word (Passover). "While Israeli society endorses equality for women, it also emphasizes to a large extent traditional family values," explained psychologist Michal Peleg, who is also a working mom. Here are Peleg's tips for a smoother Passover preparation - for Israelis and Americans:

1. Think like a professional. Passover is Peak Season. When the annual report needs to go out other activities are postponed, and extra staff is brought in. Do the same at home.

2. Write down all your tasks and appointments for work, home and Passover. Quiz yourself about necessity of each task: who expects it? Maybe we're expecting too much of ourselves.

3. Set priorities. Overload can make us freeze into doing nothing but procrastinate. Take control by doing what's really important first. Curtains can wait until Shavuot, but buying the matzah can't.

4. Consider short cuts in preparation as a strategy, not a cop-out. For example, consolidate shopping instead of bargain hunting. Order one impressive dish from a caterer.

5. Free up time before the holiday by eliminating routine chores. For example, serve take-out food twice a week during the weeks before Passover.

6. Involve your family. This is a positive goal, not a weakness. It encourages children to join in the teamwork year round.

7. Praise lavishly. Try never to criticize anyone who chips in, even if you can do the job faster and better.

8. Pin up a volunteer list for chores: you'll get less resistance than if you assign them.

9. Finish one job completely rather than starting three that you can't finish in one go.

10. Aim for "good enough" and not "perfect" as you go from task to task.

11. Keep saying to yourself, "This is the way I do the holiday. I 'm not in competition with my neighbor, my sister or my mother-in-law."

12. Treat messy drawers as one of life's annoying realities, not as a reflection of your self worth. Remember that obsessives suffer for their neatness.

13. Schedule something fun for the holiday, even if it's a walk in the sunshine.

14. Holiday joy is a mitzvah. Besides, you deserve it!

Founded in 1912, Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America is the largest women's and largest Jewish membership organization in the United States. In Israel, it supports medical care and research, education, and youth institutions, and reforestation and parks projects. In the US, Hadassah promotes health education, social action and advocacy, volunteerism, Jewish education and research, and connections with Israel.


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