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One Jerusalem Announces Nationwide School Competition
To Encourage Jewish Youth Awareness Of Jerusalem

March 7, 2001

Conference call with Israeli Cabinet Minister Nathan Sharansky and Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert planned to launch national petition drive and essay competition

New York, NY- One Jerusalem, organizers of last January's rally in Jerusalem which was the largest in Israel's history, today offered all Jewish schools in North America the opportunity to participate in a conference call with One Jerusalem co-founder and Minister of Housing and Construction, Nathan Sharansky, together with Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert. The call will be placed at 9:00am EST on March 8th, 2001, corresponding to the Hebrew date of 13th Adar, 5761, the Fast of Esther.

Students in participating schools will have the unique opportunity to hear Jewish leaders speak on the subject of Jerusalem and its centrality to Israel and the Jewish people. Mr. Olmert and Mr. Sharansky will also answer a selection of questions submitted by students in advance. In addition, the call will mark the beginning of a nationwide petition drive, ending on Yom Yerushalayim (21st May, 2001), during which students will be encouraged to collect as many signatures as possible to be added to the One Jerusalem Petition, which currently numbers 125,000 signatures from around the world. Only schools that agree to participate in the drive will be privileged to take part in the conference call.

"This is a unique opportunity to actively involve Jewish American youth in history as it unfolds in Israel," said Yechiel Leiter, Director of One Jerusalem. "The three elements of this program- the conference call, the petition drive and the essay competition, are all aimed at bringing the issue of the unification of Jerusalem to the forefront of Jewish consciousness, for Jews around the world and not just in Israel."

All students participating in the petition drive will receive, depending on the amount of signatures gathered, a One Jerusalem T-shirt, key chain or sweatshirt. The school submitting the most signatures will receive a beautiful lithograph painting of Jerusalem's Old City. The dates of the petition drive are of historical importance. The Fast of Esther is observed in remembrance of a time when the Jews fought and were victorious against those who wished to annihilate them. Yom Yerushalayim symbolizes the day, thousands of years later, when sovereignty over a unified Jerusalem was restored to the Jews. "We have once again seen history repeating itself. Jewish sovereignty over a unified Jerusalem is at risk, and the lessons of the past have taught us that we cannot sit idly by," said Leiter.

The essay competition, on the subject of Why Jerusalem Should Remain a United City Under Israeli Sovereignty and the Capital of Israel, is open to high school students from participating schools. Each school will pick one finalist to be entered into the national contest, and the grand prize winner will receive two round trip tickets to Jerusalem.

About One Jerusalem (
One Jerusalem LTD. brings together an international coalition of deeply concerned citizens feeling that they must respond to the danger that Jerusalem could again be divided. The organization was born as a result of the failed Camp David summit, where for the first time since 1967, the re-division of Jerusalem was seriously proposed and considered at the highest diplomatic levels. The One Jerusalem petition brings together Jews and non-Jews, Israelis, Americans, Europeans, and even Middle Easterners who urgently feel a new international effort on behalf of Jerusalem must begin.

One Jerusalem is a non-partisan effort. It will sponsor an international information campaign. The purpose of the One Jerusalem Campaign will be to make clear to the international community that there is an overwhelming majority of opinion in key nations that oppose re-dividing Jerusalem.

For more information, please contact Aaron Weil at Coast 2 Coast Communications, Israel at + 972 52 879 671, or email at

For details on how to participate in either the petition drive or essay competition, please contact US Director Julie Subotky at the One Jerusalem office at (212) 340-1171.

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