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New sentences for the 'Iran 10'

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
September 21, 2000

Hamid Tefileen, 29, merchant: From 13 years in prison to nine.

Asher Zadmehr, 49, university English instructor: 13 years to seven.

Nasser Levi Haim, 46, Hebrew teacher: 11 years to seven.

Ramin Farzam, 36, perfume merchant: 10 years to eight.

Javeed Beit Yakov, 41, sporting goods merchant: nine years to six.

Farzad Kashi, 31, religion teacher: eight years to six.

Shahrokh Paknahad, 23, religion teacher: eight years to five.

Farhad Saleh, 31, shopkeeper: eight years to six.

Faramarz Kashi, 35, Hebrew teacher (brother of Farzad Kashi): five years to three.

Ramin Nemati, 23, merchant: four years to two.

Acquitted on July 1:

Navid Bala Zadeh, 17, student.

Nejat Broukhim, 36.

Omid Tefileen, 26 (brother of Hamid Tefileen).

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