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Dateline: JERUSALEM:
31 January 2001

The picture shows Finance Minister Avraham Shohat ( L ) and Histadrut general secretary Amir Peretz holding a framed copy of the signed agreement that settled the general strike this afternoon. ( 3 G6 )
The general strike, that brought most of the public sector to a standstill and virtually halted imports and exports for the past ten days, was settled this afternoon when the Finance Ministry and the Histadrut came to an agreement to give public sector workers a one time payment of $300 plus a rise in their monthly wage of 3.6%. The Histadrut trade federation further agreed not to strike again for the next six months, while negotiations are proceeding for a permanent long-term agreement. Local authorities have still not signed the agreement, saying that they do not have the money to pay higher wages without raising local taxes. Garbage collection in the three main cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa remained uncollected for the past week, necessitating the labor court to issue back to work orders for striking sanitation workers in order to protect public health. The main page of the signed agreement was framed by Peretz so that it could be clearly seen by any new finance minister if there is a change due to next week's election.

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