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U.S. News
Peres in U.S. to lay groundwork for talks

Parents of injured boy sue JCC

Israel News

Diplomatic contacts intensify toward ceasefire

Slain baby's funeral

International News

Czech school cancels seminars with neo-Nazis
Sarajevo Haggadah alive and well

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Week of December 31, 2000
Barak, Arafat agree to more talks
Jerusalem concessions force Israeli soul-searching
Netanya bombing overshadows Clinton-Arafat talk
Kahane's son slain
Right wing mobilizes against Barak deal

Week of December 24, 2000
Bombings threaten to undermine peace deal
Will Israelis approve a peace deal?
Sharon betting on shift to right
Israelis debate "hit squads" policy
Op-ed: More efforts needed for Israeli captives

Week of December 17, 2000
Peres' departure narrows field to two
Court throws yeshiva draft issue into Knesset
Drama intensifies as Netanyahu bows out
Cautious optimism in Mideast as talks resume
What happened to Barak's social 'revolution'?
Glimmer of hope in peace talks
Campaign emphasizes travel to Israel is safe

Week of December 10, 2000
Clinton may make final push for peace
Assessing Netanyahu's past policies
Israel, Hezbollah talk about prisoners
Israel, Palestinians hope for Bush diplomacy
Is this really a new Bibi?
Israelis disgusted by their politics
Barak resigns, stage set for elections
Mitchell commission to Mideast this week

Week of December 3, 2000
Hamas militant escapes from Palestinian jail
Two-front battle
Wanted: American civil rights lawyers
Mainstream Jews to fund Israeli Arabs?
Mainstream Jews to fund Israeli Arabs?
Violence flares in Jerusalem, West Bank
Israelis consider changing voting system
Holy site beseiged
Calls to evacuate settlements intensify

Week of November 26, 2000
Israeli politicians gear for elections
Barak walks a tightrope
Is Israel using 'excessive force'?
Israeli commander describes 'complicated' war
Israelis, Palestinians try to reduce violence

Week of November 19, 2000
Israel vows retribution for bombing
School bus bombing forces Barak's hand
Will students visit Israel?

Week of November 12, 2000
Photo victim speask out
Israel suffers worst death toll since violence began
Leah Rabin dead at 72

Week of November 5, 2000
Anguished families plead for kidnapped sons
Can lame-duck president ease Mideast conflict?
Barak, Arafat to go to Washington
CHAT WRAP: David Roet

Week of October 29, 2000
Bomb shatters moment of truce
Wider war possible
Violence enters second month
Shas gives Barak temporary safety net
Barak and Sharon defend their positions in Knesset

Week of October 22, 2000
Clinton tries to keep peace hopes alive
Captive's father clings to hope
Jewish-Arab coexistence groups tested
Several Arab countries end Israel relations
Arab moderates get their way for now
History of Arab summits
Barak tries to cobble unity government

Week of October 15, 2000
A family's pain—and grace
Barak in trouble either way
Cease-fire scrutinized
Cease-fire reached
Netanyahu shares insights into Mideast drama
Desecration of holy sites: Most fateful acts?
Israeli citizens confused over best approach
Can Arafat really control the people?

Week of October 8, 2000
Brutal murders stregthen Israel's resolve
Kidnapping marks latest Hezbollah attack
Italy offers to host Mideast summit
Peace activists quiet during violence
Barak challenged to get tougher with Arabs

Week of October 1, 2000
NY Times, AP admit caption error
Can Israel heal?
Trust a casualty of riots
Israel's image takes a dive
Israel: Palestinian leaders urged violence

Week of September 24, 2000
Violence erupts at Temple Mount
Netanyahu won't face charges
U.S. hosts another round of talks
Israeli literary giant dies at 76

Week of September 17, 2000
Demographic study sparks debate
Skeptical Israelis back 'secular revolution'
Peace talks turn more intense
Islamic movement radicalizing Israeli Arabs
A proposal for Jewish democratic renewal
Plan attempts to cool Israeli tensions

Week of September 10, 2000
Russians thrive, Ethiopians struggle
Barak good-humored, defiant in U.S.
Palestinians learn Arafat calls the shots
Israeli ministry's demise may promote pluralism

Week of September 3, 2000
Barak’s plea to the world
Former Shas leader goes to jail


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