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Israelis disgusted by their politics
Election seen as choice between two evils

Former Israeli Prime Minister is smiling about his return to the political arena, but are Israelis equally enthusiastic?
Dror Ben-Roohi watched with disgust as Israel's political arena sank deeper into turmoil over the past week. Snap elections sparked by Prime Minister Ehud Barak's resignation on Sunday, and the subsequent announcement by Benjamin Netanyahu that he, too, would run for the premiership, have done nothing to revive Ben-Roohi's confidence in Israeli politics. He has voted for both men before, and now is considering doing something once considered sacrilegious in Israel's politically driven society. "I will not vote for Bibi"—a nickname for Netanyahu—"or for Barak," Ben-Roohi said with a sneer, sitting in his electronics store in downtown Jerusalem. "I have no trust in either one of them," he said. "They are completely detached from reality."

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