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Author: Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analysis & Commentary
Date Sent to Zipple: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 2:42 PM

Ehud Barak, have you forgotten that we are Jews? Of course, you have, but the Arabs havenít. Neither have the Europeans, Russians and the U.S. State Department forgotten we are Jews. It is the year 2000 (5761 according to the Jewish calendar) but it might as well be any other time in the past for the Jews.

Some of us remember.

I remember the children hiding in the sewers of Warsaw, fearing the Nazis would find their hiding places in order to ship them to the gas chambers.

I remember escaped Jewish prisoners, returned to the death camps by Poles for rewards.

I remember the British who hid the intelligence they had received about the Germansí Final Solution, even knowing the daily death count.

I remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt who led the discussions and conclusions at the Bermuda and Evian Conferences NOT to attempt rescue of the Jews, nor to feed and clothe them.

I remember the ship St. Louis loaded with children, turned back by American authorities to return to the gas chambers of Germany.

I remember the French rounding up their Jews and confiscating their empty apartments, paintings and any other valuables they left behind.

I remember the NEW YORK TIMES burying their stories of the German atrocities, accommodating the U.S. State and War Departments.

I remember the Jews of New York - fearful of protesting to Roosevelt lest they make the government more anti-Semitic than it already was.

I remember the Arab pro-Nazis (including Anwar Sadat) joining the Nazis.

I remember the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseini (Arafatís Uncle) going to Hitler, pleading for him to bring his Jew-killing machine to Jerusalem.

I remember the Dulles brothers, John and Allen, of the State Department and the new CIA working diligently to save high-ranking SS officers from being tried for Genocide.

I remember the German corporate executives who gladly issued purchase orders to the SS for Jews to be worked to death in the factories of Germany.

I remember those Jews who were killed after the War by the Poles when they tried to return to their homes which their Polish neighbors had occupied.

I remember the ĎRatlineí which the Catholic Church and the Red Cross provided as safe havens for escaping German and Nazi officers, providing them with false identity papers to places like Argentina and Uruguay.

I remember the Swiss hiding the bank deposits of Jews from their heirs who could not claim them after the War.

I remember the Swiss fencing the gold and other valuables stolen from the Jews by the Germans.

I remember the Christian world adopting a Jew as their god and in his name murdering his Jewish family - in every century.

I remember the Christian Crusaders that first butchered and plundered the Jews of Europe on their way to the Holy Land to butcher Jews and steal their land

I remember the Inquisitions of the Catholic Church who burned old rabbis, sometimes wrapped in the parchment scrolls of their Torahs.

I remember the Russians who attacked Jewish towns and villages for centuries in vicious pogroms, plundering, raping - all blessed by the Russian Church.

I remember the blood thirsty religion of Islam, born in the seventh century over the bodies of Jews who would not accept Mohammedís revelation of Allah as the one god.

I remember the forced conversions of Jews to Christianity or Islam.

I remember the kidnaping of our Jewish children to be brought up in the Ďproperí faith of one or the other.

I remember in 1948 the seven Arab armies attacking the new Jewish State of Israel, promising to push the Jews into the sea.

I remember all the wars that followed and the savagery of continual Terrorism - often targeting the children, with the Terrorsts pledging to dance in the blood of the Jews.

I remember during the Gulf War, sitting in my sealed room with gas mask, hearing the Palestinians dancing on their roofs shouting to Saddam Hussein: "Burn the Jews in Tel Aviv!"

I remember the Jews of the Left who made common cause with Arab terrorists and who should have suffered the same fate along with the Arabsí Jewish victims.

I remember the thousands upon thousands of grief-stricken wives, mothers, fathers who lost their young sons to the insatiable appetites of Arab leaders.

I remember the Arab nations, including the Palestinians, who printed textbooks for children instructing them in hatred and killing.

I remember the silence of the nations to whom this curriculum of hatred and killing was exposed.

I remember the hundreds of votes of condemnation against the Jewish State by the United Nations, led by the same European nations who assisted in the Naziís liquidation of six million Jews - 1,500,000 children.

I remember the U.N. Resolutions declaring "Zionism equals Racism."

I now remember Ehud Barak, who continues the Rabin-Peres-Beilin ĎPiece Processí to feed our people to Yassir Arafat as human sacrifices for a ĎPeace Processí that never was.

I remember the expectations of a craven General who betrayed the Jewish people, our land, our defensive borders, our history, our water and our Holy sites..

I remember a Prime Minister who literally sold himself to a corrupt American President for the power of office and a price of sacrificed Jews.

I remember these things and much, much more.

Perhaps we Jews, some of us, remember these things because they were important in our peoplesí history. To you, Ehud Barak and your twisted aberrant Left, none of this matters because you never thought Jewish history was meaningful.

If there is a Hell, may you and all those who allied with you to betray the Jewish people, enter this place - never to emerge. May you suffer the pain of all the Jews who died in agony because they were Jews. May your lives on this earth be a misery - like the 3 Cohen children whose legs were amputated from the Gaza bus bombing by Palestinians, or like Baby Shabbat Shalev who was burned over 60% of her tiny body by a Palestinian Policemanís firebomb.

May you suffer their pain so you will be forced to remember.

I will remember Rabin-Peres-Beilin-Barak who thought they had the right to trade the lives of Jews, calling them sacrifices for Peace.

I will remember the Nobel Prize Committee who tainted the reputation of that Committee by giving a Peace Prize to Yassir Arafat despite his long established reputation as a terrorist and a murderer of children - which continues to this day.

I will remember the Bush/Baker anti-Israel regime and particularly the vulgar remarks of Baker when he said: "F..k the Jews, they donít vote for us anyway!"

I will remember the gaggle of State Department Jews hired by Baker and kept by Clinton as Court Jews, namely Denies Ross, Aaron Miller, Dan Kurtzer - followed later by Martin Indyk, Sandy Berger, James Rubin and Madeleine Albright.

I will remember Bill Clinton who diligently recruited Leftist Jewish leaders to offer nation-destroying concessions to Yassir Arafat who has never kept one line of any agreement.

I will remember Prime Minister Netanyahu who gave away Hebron, hoping for the international acclaim - which never came.

I will remember the German people for their enthusiastic participation and savagery in the liquidation of European Jewry.

I will remember the international media for their consistent bias against Israel and the Jewish people. While others swung the ax, they prepared the minds.

I will remember the children, some thrown alive into the Krupp furnaces on orders of the Camp Kommandants where humanity was simply put aside, if it was ever there.

These things I will remember as all the nations turned their face away from G-d and any semblance of humanity in their treatment of the Jews.

You, Ehud Barak, betrayer extraordinaire, have forgotten. You pretend to avenge Arafatís Terrorism by issuing safety warnings to clear the buildings of Palestinian killers before you bomb them.

You and the Left appear to be the accumulation of our worst traits as you snivel and whine before the nations of the world who you encourage to hate the existence of a Jewish State. Clearly, you have no remembrance - which shows you have no Jewish soul left. Youíve given it all away.

For those of us who do remember, you PM/DM Barak, are to us like the walking dead. May the memory of you and your cohorts be erased from our thoughts because you clearly deserve no place in the history or the minds of the Jewish people. The Jewish people remember these things and much more which you have abandoned as irrelevant.

Now, as the nation turns against you for your failures as both Prime Minister and Defense Minister, you offer to go to elections. Even in this moment of truth, you state that you will continue in your failed pursuit of negotiations with the murderer, Yassir Arafat, as if his continuing war doesnít matter - as if the deaths of both Jews and Arabs donít stop you from bringing the dangers closer to Israelís population centers.

You will, indeed, be recorded as the General who surrendered the most and the most spineless ruler Israel has ever had to suffer. The question remains: How much additional damage you can accomplish before you will be finally ejected from office?


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