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Title: Solution to all Security Problems
by Chag Chanukah Sameach
Date: December 26, 2000

Israel's top expert on security has just come up with, what he pretends to be, a solution to all our security problems, past, present and future. Today, the 5th day of Chanuka, Acting Prime Minister and Acting Defence Minister Barak has announced that HE HAS STARTED TO BUILD A FENCE along the "green line" across from Shomron, at a cost of NS 100 million for 73 kilometers. This means US$200 per meter of barbed wire, to provided security for ALL OF US, (the acting PM means of course, to exclude security for the 200,000 inhabitants of Yehuda and Shomron.)

This top expert has, just about, heard of the Maginot Line, but he does not know what happened when it was bypassed by the Germans, and what happened to France in 1940. Barak is copying Marshal Petain. He turning Israel into an occupied zone and (for the short term) into an unoccupied zone. He does not know that the Germans occupied the unoccupied zone of France within two years.Petain handed over Paris, and Barak wants to hand over most of Jerusalem, and to make the remainder of our capital uninhabitable.

Today one of Barak's acting ministers Yuli Tamir, announced over Kol Israel English Radio News that the 6th February Premier Election WILL BE TAKEN AS a plebiscite for a "peace agreement" with the PLO. The Minister does not admit that, in this sentence, she confirms that Israel, the only parliamentary democracy in the Middle East, is to have the Knesset bypassed by Barak.

Where did this method of governing come from? From Adolf Hitler in 1938. The Austrian Chancellor, Schuschnigg, had arranged a genuine plebiscite for 13 March 1938, with the question: "Do you want an independent Austria?" Hitler blackmailed Schuschnigg to cancel this plebiscite. He invaded on 11th March, AND THEN CONFIRMED THE LEGALITY OF THE ANSCHLUSS BY A MOCK PLEBISCITE IN APRIL 1938. Result was about 99 per cent or more in favour of Hitler and German occupation. In the same way, as Minister Tamir said, the result of a Barak-bought election WILLL BE TAKEN AS APPROVAL . Is this possible? I was there, in Austria. I remember. Parliament was also bypassed. Let the Acting Prime Minister read carefully what happend to Marshal Petain!

To end this unhappy note: Kol Israel English news today reports that the Clinton government have given Israel a DEADLINE to agree to the American surrender terms by next Wednesday. Just like the 1938 deadlines for Austria and, six months later, at Munich, for Czechoslovakia.


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