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Home > OP-ED > Did Barak Ask Clinton to Secure a UN Res. Dividing Jerusalem?

Title: Did Barak Ask Clinton to Secure a UN Res. Dividing Jerusalem?
Date: January 11, 2001
by Emanuel A. Winston

It has been reported that Prime Minister/Defense Minister Ehud Barak has requested outgoing President Bill Clinton to instigate a motion, within the U.N. Security Council to divide sovereignty in Jerusalem between the Jews and Muslims. This is not so far-fetched as it may seem. The frantic efforts by Clinton and Barak to divide Jerusalem and transfer sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Arabs continue in the last moments of their respective administrations.

Barak, going into elections February 6th with 22% of the vote vs. Ariel Sharon with 50%, faces severe criticism for his concessions to the Arabs. Barak has denied making these commitments. Nevertheless, this would be a highly probable last ditch effort. Having a powerful outside force like the U.N. vote against Israel’s primary rights to the Jewish Temple Mount is such a dastardly trick but, it would not be all that unusual for the Labor Left of Israel. For Barak and Clinton to leave a cup of poison behind for Israel to drink would be typical of the Labor Left - given their prior history of intrigue and betrayal against the Jewish people. To wit:

I recall in December 1987 publishing several articles, castigating Yitzhak Rabin, who was Defense Minister, and Shimon Peres, who was Foreign Minister for their dereliction of duty. Rabin went to America and Peres traveled to England and France to plead for these countries to intervene in Israeli affairs. Rabin and Peres, specifically requested that these Western countries put pressure on Israel for an International Peace Conference which would dictate Israel’s re-partition.

I recall too that, at that time just prior to the first ‘Intifada’, when Peres visited Mitterrand in France and Thatcher in England and while Rabin was in Washington for two weeks, both were imploring the leaders of these democratic countries to force Israel into a weakened position.

Coincidently, the ‘Intifada’ broke out shortly after they both left the country at the same time. Then, as the ‘Intifada’ expanded into countrywide violence, both suspiciously refused to come home for at least two weeks while the ‘Intifada’ gathered strength enough to last for seven years.

Unfortunately, there was no call for a Committee of Inquiry into why they refused to return to their duties at home or if they had their possible prior knowledge of the planned outbreak of violence. The purpose of the first ‘Intifada’ was to goad Israel into an International Conference intended to coerce Israel into withdrawals in order to install another Palestinian State on Eretz Yisrael.

Nor was there an investigation of Foreign Intelligence assisting in the coordination and planning of Arafat’s first ‘Intifada’. You do understand that one of the mandates of Intelligence Agencies is to start insurrections, depose rulers and create pressures to change a nation’s Foreign Policy. Clearly, an uprising of the Arabs, manipulated by foreign interests, would have given additional reasons for France, England and America to pressure Israel.

Would Ehud Barak, of the Labor Left and a protege of Yitzhak Rabin, invite Bill Clinton to arrange a Security Council vote against Israel? You bet! Would it all be done in the name of that infeasible peace? You bet!

Would Barak insist that ‘credible deniability’ be built into the plan? You bet!

You can ask Clinton, Albright, Barak, Dennis Ross or Arafat until you are blue in the face but they are a tight little group who lie even when they don’t have to. The Labor Left and Meretz have found it no problem in communicating via back door channels with either Yassir Arafat or foreign governments. There have been no investigation or indictments for those of Labor who met illegally with the PLO in the early 1980s and conspired a re-partition of Israel with Arafat which was the forerunner of Oslo. Of course, the public is the perennial losers.

If Barak has, indeed, requested Clinton to use the ever-hostile U.N. to vote sanctions on Israel unless they divide Jerusalem, then Barak must be arrested, tried and probably go to prison.

This is a time of war when such an act against the State should be considered treason of the highest order. This charge should not be aired as mere political bombast but should be immediately undertaken in the office of the Attorney General Elayakim Rubenstein.

However, Rubenstein has already shown malfeasance of office by not diligently investigating Barak’s 17 alleged illegal front organizations for raising foreign contributions, he is unlikely to investigate or indict Barak at this time.

Since Rubenstein has already seen fit to stifle a straightforward investigation, I cannot believe he would undertake an investigation of Barak which, if the allegations are proven, would conclude treasonous behavior. Elayakim Rubenstein has tainted his reputation and must never be allowed to be appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court as he so desires. (The Court is already packed with politically Left judges whose rulings have shamed the courts.)

The Knesset should undertake an investigation and use as much power allocated to them to get to the truth. Presumably, they have some power of subpoena unless, of course, they are on another of their extended vacations.

Should it prove out that Clinton and Barak try to freeze Clinton’s plan of concessions or push the deadly plan into the United Nations as their last gasp trick, then Israel must simply reject it once and for all.


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