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Title: Another Yom Kippur Surprise?!?!
Date: January 11, 2001
by Emanuel A. Winston

If you recall the history of the 1973 Yom Kippur surprise attack by Syria and Egypt, the general attitude and advice from Military Intelligence was ‘Ein Baya’ (no problem). The Arabs would not dare to attack. This arrogant concept (what was called the "Conceptzia’) was a state of self-destructive overconfidence and denial. It was only Gen. Ariel Sharon’s daring crossing of the Suez Canal and routing of the Egyptian Third Army that saved Israel from that bit of critical short-sightedness.

Sharon made his assault over the objections of the IDF’s military General staff who later tried to share Sharon’s victory which captured Egypt’s Third Army. In the end, Golda Meir resigned; Moshe Dayan resigned because of the tremendous losses of men that occurred when Israel did not pre-emptively attack when the Egyptian and Syrian armies gathered close to the border - because Israel believed in their "Conceptzia" and followed orders from the Americans not to pre-empt.

But, today the circumstances have changed. This time Israel’s Military Intelligence knows that Hezb’Allah (Party of G-d terrorists in Lebanon) is pouring long-range Katyushas and other heavy weapons into Lebanon exactly where Barak ordered the abandonment of the Security Zone in Lebanon. Barak’s order to abandon these positions made Israel’s retreat into a rout, leaving long range artillery and shells behind. Hezb’Allah can now pour mortar and artillery fire into Northern Israel easily reaching as far as Haifa. This is to become Israel’s northern fire line. The civilians are justifiably likely to leave their homes in large numbers, turning the North of Israel into Barak’s No-Man’s-Land. Nature abhors a vacuum so Barak’s vacuum is being filled by Hezb’Allah.

What is the Defense Minister/Prime Minister whose career may end in less than 30 days going to do about it? He has brought Israel’s tanks and artillery to the border positions. What is wrong with that? In the past, Israel did not wait to get hammered at her own borders. That is, except for the Yom Kippur surprise attack when Israel was warned by President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger NOT to strike pre-emptively at the build-up of Egyptian and Syrian forces. This time Barak , for fear of offending Clinton, the E.U. and the U.N. will stay inside of Israel’s borders in a static position and wait to get decimated. G-d forbid! The losses could be substantial to soldiers and to civilians. This does not include what the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs will be doing inside the country.

The General Staff, to whom Barak doesn’t listen, fears that Barak is going to order a political assault against the Palestinians to assist with his image as a fighting General. Barak would not do this without permission of Bill Clinton or without coordination with Yassir Arafat. The only losses that Arafat could accept would be what he considered Palestinian cannon fodder. What Barak would accept would be Israeli soldiers sacrificed to assist Barak’s election. If this theatrical, half-hearted assault bought Barak the elections, he would owe Arafat and Clinton big time.

So, why is this happening?

*Barak turned out to be a closet Dove.

*Barak’s military experience really only qualified him for the small contained actions he was involved in. He never had the qualifications or experience to plan a full scale defense or offense or to negotiate with an irrevocably hostile, self-declared enemy who takes all the offered concessions and then considers Israel weak for offering them. This perception of Israel’s weakness increases Israel’s vulnerability to combined Arab attack exponentially and unrealistically.

*Barak, following the twisted path of Rabin and Peres has opted for the plan of peace which included moving back to the 1967 cease fire lines (and later the 1948 armistice lines). Never mind that the Arabs openly and often declare that the new State of Palestine will replace and supplant all of the Jewish State of Israel.

*Barak has agreed to the division of Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of the Jewish People for the past 3000 years. Arafat says openly and often that: "The Palestinian flag will fly over the churches and mosques of Jerusalem which will be the capital of the State of Palestine and only that State, and whoever doesn’t like it, can go drink Gaza sea water."

*Barak has admitted that he is ready to sacrifice 50,000 settlers to the Clinton/Barak Peace plan and force them to give up their homes, factories and infrastructure to the incoming 5 million Arab refugees whose own people don’t want them.

*Barak and his cabal of radical ultra Left Liberals have already abandoned approximately 45 Jewish Holy Sites which anchor Jewish history and Jewish memory within Eretz Yisrael. These sites were scheduled to be turned over according to the Oslo Accords signed by Rabin

*Barak’s most vile sins against the world’s Jews are perhaps the strenuous efforts by Barak and his cohorts to de-Judaize Israel and secularize the nation through their too easy surrenders.

Barak has accepted and encouraged the re-writing of our children’s history textbooks removing Jewish faith, idealism and values. Taking away our children’s Jewish and Zionist identities pushes them into the downward moral spiral of post-Zionism that is empty of Judaism and national patriotism. This was to be the legacy of such men as Barak, Peres, Yossi Sarid and those of the empty Left.

*Barak and the Left have decided that, even if there is a conflict, they will not take back any territory already ceded to the Palestinians - even though the Gaza-Jericho experiment and subsequent surrenders have all failed to bring peace into the hearts of the Palestinians who have broken every signed agreement. In other words, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) will not be allowed to fight as they are trained and willing to do - to Fight to Win! as all armies should do. They will be forced to fight a restrained war, meaning they will take excessive casualties on orders from Barak through Chief-of-Staff General Shaul Mofaz.

What should be done?

Israel has most always used pre-emptive attacks to scatter her enemies’ forces before they could cross Israel’s borders. Israel’s land mass is so small that if the fight actually started at her borders, the IDF would have to fall back into Israel proper before her enemies’ strength would begin to weaken.

If Israel allows the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to cause chaos in the streets and does not pre-emptively take out hostile enemy forces gathering on her borders, then the price will be excessively high in casualties, both to civilians and the military.

Barak must be forced to give up the portfolio of Defense Minister even before the elections. He is too dangerous as a loose cannon trying to stay in power. Nor should Barak be allowed to appoint another Dovish General as Defense Minister like Avram Mitzna as he plans to do if he wins the elections.

If Israel must go it alone, so be it. The Jews have given enough - suffered enough not to have to follow the world’s advise into oblivion.


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