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Title: Dangerous Times Require Drastic Measures
Author: Harvey Gochberg
Date Sent to Zipple: November 22, 2000

II would like to float an idea of mine that will surely be controversial and perhaps hotly contested. However, it is one that deserves consideration by the people of Israel right now, before the Arabic nations join in the Palestinean Intifada.

Physically move Jeruselum to a protected location within Israel proper; move the people, the businesses and the holy reliqs, especially enough stones of the wailing wall to make the foundation of a Third Temple. Let the palestineans rename the city with the name they use and control this city in any manner they like. Ask the Christians and whoever else may hold Jeruselum holy if they would like to move as well. In fact, G-d is Holy. A place is not.

Next, move all settlers that are in harms way to safe Israel locations and close the borders. Allow no palestineans access to Israel for any reason, unless they obtain a security clearance from the government. Unilaterally, redraw the boundries of Israel to provide for the optimal security from our enemies, who at this moment in History, in light of Novemver 21st's Egyptian and Jordanian withdrawal of envoys, is the entire Arab world. Build walls, trenches, fortifications, totally militarize the borders with a large no-man's zone as a buffer and ask no one's permission.

The two strongest arguments will come from the extremes of the Jewish world; the exteme hawkish right will scream that we are giving up our holiest place and also forsaking those Jewish settlers that believe that G-d wanted them to have all of Israel; and the extreme doves , who will see Israel's move as provocative and unilaterally forsaking the peace effort. To those two concepts, I say nothing is more important than the survival of a Hebrew Israel to keep alive our Mitzvoh of G-d's grace, love , and mandate.

Surely the palestineans will continue to hate us and try to find ways to eliminate the Israel nation, however they will no longer be able to throw stones, bomb school busses, and murder our people on their terms.

And the world can no longer look at Israel as an agressor, rather as a nation that is simply defending their borders. It no longer matters if Palestine becomes a recognized state. In fact, it might be a good thing. Israel could then open theri borders, if it is in their best interests, as it negotiates peace agreements with a neighboring government.

I would be very much interested in a dialogue with someone knowledgeable in Israel's geography to see what viable borders might be in light of the Jeruselum move and settlers current locations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Harvey Gochberg


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