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Author: Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analysis & Commentary
Date Sent to Zipple: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 11:51 PM

Israel’s Prime/Defense Minister Ehud Barak has announced that he will submit to new elections. However, the tricksters in the Arabist U.S. State Department still operating on the Clinton peace schedule, expect Barak to now give away everything he offered at Camp David 2. Barak and the State Department expect to buy a momentary lull in Arafat’s war - which may bring a Barak an election victory but allow the concessions to go through in any case. Their goal of a Palestinian State at the price of a truncated and vulnerable Israel is their highest priority.

Barak consulted with no one (as usual) before his dramatic announcement and now that he is freed of all constraints, he can use his remaining 6 months in office to continue expanding the failed concessionary policies that brought him down. Barak in his announcement speech before the Knesset (Parliament) declared he would NOT ALLOW the elections to deter him from finalizing a peace deal with the Palestinians. This appears arrogant, illegal, unethical and undemocratic - in the extreme but, it appears that Barak and Clinton’s State Department believe they can force it through.

MK Rabbi Beni Elon prepared a bill earlier in the year which would have constrained the Prime Minister from his wild concessions, even as Arafat expanded his war against Israelis. At that time, the Left with Arab and Shas votes, defeated the Elon’s bill. This piece of legislation was correct and offered some of the checks and balances American enjoy in the Constitution. Barak had discovered he could by-pass his Peoples’ Parliament (the Knesset) merely by issuing proclamations.

For example, without consultation, he issued a peremptory order for Israeli troops to flee from Lebanon, leaving loyal Christian Lebanese allies to the barbaric Hezb’Allah Muslim Terrorists. Now, Hezb’Allah has filled the vacuum of power and has installed hundreds of long range Katyushas - supplied by Iran - which are capable of reaching most of Israel’s Northern border communities, even as far as Haifa.

Barak felt no restraint because, by law, he could issue orders as do the dictators of the surrounding Arab nations and Yassir Arafat. The North of Israel could become Barak’s no-man’s-land once the Katyushas start falling.

It is imperative that the Knesset offer a new law for immediate implementation which restrains Barak from consummating any further concessions before the May elections. The Knesset, which should be the voice of the people, must act now so that Israel doesn’t lose the Jordan Valley, the high ground of Judea and Samaria which is a vital defensive border preventing the eastern entrance of Arab armies from Iraq and/or Syria through Jordan and protecting 30% of Israel’s fresh water resources.

Presently, Barak, without legal constraints, could abandon the Golan Heights just like he did Lebanon. There is nothing to stop him from offering linkage to the Palestinians, making territorial concessions which will further isolate and endanger all of the Jewish communities throughout Israel - not just in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. We have now seen only a fraction of what Arafat’s Palestinians can do as roads become intermittently impassable from snipers and remotely detonated roadside bombs becoming the method of attack as they were in Lebanon.

It is imperative that a bill be introduced immediately, curtailing the dictatorial powers of this Prime Minister/Defense Minister. He has shown that he is not to be trusted with the unlimited powers which his dual offices of Prime/Defense Minister have provided. Worse yet, he has become a direct extension of U.S. State Department policy which is so closely linked to Arafat and the desires of the Arab nations.

It is vital to the security and sovereignty of Israel that one man does not have the sole decision-making capability without the advise and consent of the Israeli Knesset. A bill that guarantees a system of democratic checks and balances must become law before Israel is ruled as if by a dictatorship.


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