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Title: The Media as the Enemy
Author: Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analysis & Commentary
Date Sent to Zipple: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 8:18 PM

For a number of years we have studied the media and their effect on the public’s mindset. Perhaps the most invidious use of the media was inspired by Hermann Goebbels during World War II. He brought the concept of propaganda through the media to a high state of the art. He was able to meld Hitler’s purpose, particularly when it came to eliminating the Jews, into one organic living thing. The media inspired and invoked accepting Genocide of the Jews as an imperative goal for all of German humanity - as Hitler saw it. The media under Goebbels guidance became one with Hitler and Nazi Germany. In the chain of command, while Hitler may have been the pinnacle, the media crossed all points of command and became the facilitator. They assisted in setting the mind so from the top SS General to the German soldier who dropped the canister of Zyklon B gas into the gas chambers - through to the German civilians, they were all touched by the rationale of the media as to the correctness of their mission.

Today we have once again watched the ringleaders of the media make common cause with the correctness of mobs gone mad. Space prevents me from naming them all but a few stand out: I refer to CNN, the NEW YORK TIMES, NBC, CBS, ABC, LA TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WASHINGTON POST, NPR radio.... For those I have left out in France, England (BBC), Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, PLO media, etc., I apologize but your deeds will be remembered in infamy as carriers of biased information and thereby facilitators of violence against the Jews.

The media of today has, fo some time, been preparing the minds of viewers and readers that the Jewish State of Israel has impinged upon the peaceful Arab people. That the mere presence of Jews somehow incites them to expected riots, wars and terrorism which is all understood as a just reaction to their ‘frustration’. Have you ever heard about any another people that ‘frustration’ was a just cause for killing Jews? Granted the language of a post WWII era cannot be as direct as Goebbels demanded of ‘Der Sturmer’ newspaper.

Let me correct that statement. I refer to the media of the West. The media of the Middle East in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the Palestinian Authority’s media (newly founded by gifts from Israel and the West) avoids such subtleties and viciously incites its citizens, and more outrageous its children, to kill Jews. Of course, none of this is new to the Jewish people nor their antagonists. From the courts of the Roman Empire through the mosques and courts of Arab Kings, the word went out to hate the Jews, attack the Jews, kill the Jews. Whether a Papal decree or today’s Arab Press, a conduit of official hate was needed to arouse the masses.

Perhaps you are thinking about the individual reporters, TV commentators, columnists, who subtly or directly incite against the Jews. What quirk in their personalities causes them to sometimes report the news in an unbiased, non personal way and, at other times when they report on the Jewish State, become virulently personal. Such individuals as Walter Rogers and Gerald Kessel of CNN are good visual examples as TV reporters. When Israel is the subject, their facial expressions show negative emotions like disdain, disgust, etc. Words take on a bitter, hostile tone and meaning. Conversely, when they speak of the Palestinians or Arabs, their entire demeanor changes. They are sympathetic and understanding. They express sadness and, somehow, invariably swing their expressions and words into a category of disapproval for Israel - even when acts of Terrorism by the Palestinians are too horrible to show on TV. The Arabs can do no wrong and the Jews can do not right, something like the U.N. syndrome. I am sure they would be astonished if they were accused of adopting the Goebbels’ technique of preparing the minds of their listeners to attack or, at least, approve of attacks against the Jews with vigor.

The media of today has become a player. Collectively, they are not objective observers reporting the news but rather are making the news and establishing hostile mind sets. Who shall live? Who shall die? Who is to be endangered? Who shall benefit through trade policies? Who must be punished? The media makers’ opinions are not filtered or monitored for accuracy or fairness by their own industry. This comes under the rubric of "Free Speech" - even if those words set in motion forces that kill.

Are these good and decent people who learned their trade, to include ethics, morality and truthfulness? Or are they just ‘Guys’ who had the talent to turn a hot phrase, upping the ratings of their TV news hours or to sell more papers? They did not need a graduate certificate of competence. There is no board of ethical behavior or even accurate reporting. When did you ever hear of a reporter being fired for ‘unethical’ reporting (except for plagiarism)? These are loose cannons that can kill a nation or poison the atmosphere sufficiently to make their victims wish they were dead.

They have become players in shaping international policies and, in so doing, have also become soldiers, terrorists, politicians of the cause for whom they are distorting the news - with all of the attendant risks and benefits. They have chosen to trade their protective shields of non-insolvent for the benefits of career advancement, more money and ego satisfaction. If journalists are being hit in increasing numbers enduring violence, it is no surprise.

You can see the photographers and videographers (some wearing bike helmets against stones) lined up behind the stone-throwers - knowing that by their mere presence they are egging them on. The riot makers put children in the frontlines, with the shooters behind, so the camera people can ‘catch’ the children getting hit. That’s the big story of the day - the hoped for scoop and the media play along - we are told.

But, not everyone accepts the concept of free speech which set in motion forces that make killing a people an accepted right. If I found myself a target of professional incitement which rationalized the deaths of my family, I would not distinguish between the hand that wrote the encouragement or the hand that pulled the trigger.

When Yassir Arafat gave the order for his Force 17 execute the U.S. Ambassador in Khartoum, Sudan - Cleo Noel, Jr. And his aide, were only those shooting the machine guns guilty? If not, why hasn’t Arafat been arrested for murder instead of honored at the White House?

When Hermann Goebbels recruited the Media to rationalize the Genocide of the Jews, was only Goebbels guilty?

When journalists and their mentors create an atmosphere of hatred for a group of people by religion or ethnicity or color, and then these people are attacked, are not those journalists an organic extension before the fact of an act of terror? Can they claim to be merely objective viewers, when their words carry the message that they understand - even approve of terror?

The media of today has chosen a dangerous course. Perhaps the media, as a collective body, should step back and review their participation and provocateurs vs. objective reporting.

That is the price that society must pay as they dance for the media’s benefit.


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