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Zipple's ShmoozePhone System

800 Internet
Auto Attendant


Imagine being able to integrate all your employees, call agents and branch officers together under one central number. Imagine being able to route your incoming calls to virtual extensions, so that incoming calls can be connected with employees or agents scattered across the city or nation wide. Imagine being able to send or receive a fax document automatically. Imagine being able to work anywhere you want, at home , on the road and appear to be in your office.

The Zipple's ShmoozePhone System Auto Attendant is a revolutionary new telephone service that gives you all of this and more. You get all of the features of a expensive PBX without having to buy any telephone equipment, plus you get Personal Office features you can’t get with any other product or service. Our Auto Attendant enables companies to create a seamless virtual office environment in which calls can be routed and transferred anywhere in the city or nation

Here is how it works:

Callers are greeted by a professional Auto Attendant and are given different options.For example:

  1. The system can transfer calls into a regular voice mail box.
  2. The system can play a prerecorded message. Example: Thank you for inquiring about our product let me tell you all that it can do for you…
  3. The system can connect to a particular individual wherever they may be even if they are out of the office or out of state and that individual can then screen who is calling them before excepting the call.
  4. The system can store a fax document in memory and callers have the capability of downloading those documents to their fax machine through the main greeting.
  5. The system allows callers to fax information into a company from the main greeting.
  6. The system can also page out to notify you that someone is trying to call you or that they left you a voice mail.
  7. The system can also forward calls from the main greeting to different locations. Example: If a company has a office in Boston and a office in Chicago customers can call one main number and transfer to either locations from the main greeting.
Cost - Effective Service: No Equipment to buy !

Because Personal Office Auto Attendant is a service that you can use with any phone line or as an overlay to your existing phone system there is no need to purchase, install or maintain new phone equipment.

When you sign up for the Personal Office Auto Attendant service, you get your very own telephone number (toll-free or local ) you can choose to give out this number or have your existing number forwarded to it. You get an auto-attendant greeting, private extensions, options, music on hold, etc. Because the system is housed and maintained by Personal Office, you do not have to purchase install or maintain any equipment. You simply sign up for the Personal Office service and begin using it immediately.

You get all the features of a full PBX system without the cost associated with purchasing or installing of equipment on site. In minutes you can add voice and fax mail, company wide directory services, follow me roaming, call screening and new message paging. All this can be done from any telephone.

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