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Zipple's ShmoozePhone System

800 Internet
Auto Attendant


The Zipple's ShmoozePhone System's Conference Calling feature allows subscribers to initiate conference calls of up to 5 individuals from any available telephone. Subscribers may add additional parties to a conference by simply placing the current call on hold and entering the telephone number of the new participants. The initiator can drop out of the conference to receive other calls and to initiate other communications, such as listening to voice messages, and then return to the conference in progress.


  • Conference anytime, anywhere from any telephone
  • Conference up to 5 parties including the initiator
  • Initiator can drop out of conference with simple key press
  • Music on hold
  • Easy to add additional parties
  • Conference can be created from any live call, follow-me or outbound call
  • Restrictive outbound calling can be set for any subscriber
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