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Zipple's ShmoozePhone System

800 Internet
Auto Attendant


The Zipple's ShmoozePhone System's provides subscribers with calling capabilities that can be restricted by debit and/or credit amounts. This allows businesses to provide their traveling and telecommuting employees with access to the corporate network in a secure fashion for all of their outbound calling needs. Businesses can leverage long distance call rates, provide employees with convenient services and track individual's usage of the network. All of this at some of the lowest per minute calling rates.


  • Place call on hold
  • Transfer to another number
  • Set debit/credit amount at any level
  • Music on hold
  • User friendly menus
  • Notification of remaining debit limit
  • Call forwarding
  • Restrictive inbound and outbound dialing plans
  • Least cost routing
  • Call transfer to another number
  • Multiple language prompts available
  • Batch card and pin numbers available
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