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To connect the Jewish community, locally and globally, through technology, content, and commerce.

Zipple is the company that created™, the premier Jewish community website.

We are a fun, comfortable, high-quality, comprehensive online community for organizations, businesses, and consumers involved in the offline Jewish community. The businesses and consumers we serve include the Jewish community - locally, nationally, and globally - in all its diversity. Additionally, we serve non-Jewish businesses and consumers with an involvement in the Jewish community, or with interest in Jewish matters.

We provide a means for all these audiences to share ideas and socialize, sort of like a dinner party; to find resources, like they would in an encyclopedia or phone book; to make connections, as they would through a social club or matchmaker; to keep informed, just like with a newspaper or magazine; to educate and grow - like they would at school or on campus; and gain access to everything Jewish on the Internet - just like a doorway.

We help overcome the inefficient, fragmented structure of the offline Jewish community by building a set of integrated online tools and providing the community access to them.
A. We deliver unique content that reflects the interests and issues concerning the Jewish community.
B. We provide interactive communication among our members, through our chat program, The Big Schmooze™, bulletin boards, and our Singles database.
C. We continue to explore the development of new tools and resources that will further unite the Jewish community.
D. We strive to organize all of the superb Jewish content produced by Jewish organizations - both commercial and not-for-profit - plus quality websites created by individuals from around the world.
E. The website offers a comprehensive index of Internet resources and databases for synagogues, kosher dining, global Jewish communities, Jewish singles, Jewish charities, Jewish agencies, Jewish Federations, Jewish travel, Torah, Jewish summer camps, Jewish education…with many more to come. We aim to present an unparalleled resource for anything relating to Judaism, Israel and the Holocaust.
WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT US has been hailed as "The Jewish Yahoo" in many publications including the Boston Globe, the Indianapolis Star, Netscape, USA Today and most of the Jewish press. We have also received press coverage in the New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and many local Chicago newspapers. And we were named one of the "100 Best Sites for 2000" by Yahoo! Internet Life.

We take our feedback seriously, and are constantly working on improving the community. As we grow and redevelop the site, most of all we will continue to be The Jewish SuperSite!sm. Our goal is to make a fun way to explore Judaism, Jewish culture, religion and people.

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