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September 12, 2000

Welcome to the new face of!™

If you're familiar with our site, you'll find nearly all the features you know, just displayed more cleanly and organized more clearly. You'll also find new resources and information.

And if you're new to Zipple, here's your opportunity to discover everything our site has to offer.

Let's begin the tour!

Zipple's new look

When we previewed our new colors and design a couple of weeks ago, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Gone is the black background with its difficult-to-read type, along with the flashy neon colors. In their place you'll find a white background, and fresh, soothing colors that enhance your view of the site. Our logo has also changed to reflect this new look.


On the left-hand side of each page is our list of Services. These sections contain functions you may find helpful day-to-day - they include:
  • Business Directory - A link to the new Local Business Directory. If you don't see your town listed yet, don't worry - we'll get there!
  • Get A Job - Here you'll find job listings, links and helpful information for moving your career ahead.
  • Members' Area - This section of Zipple is where you can go to update your profile, change passwords, and take care of other administrative stuff.
  • Not-For-Profit - The place to go when you need information about Jewish organizations, agencies, schools, summer camps, synagogues, JCCs, Hillels and more, all around the world.
  • Shmooze - On the home page, you'll find Shmooze up at the top. Click here when you feel like chatting, or reading and posting messages. Check back here every evening at 8 p.m. Eastern for The Big ShmoozeSM, our nightly gabfest.
  • Singles Scene - Also on the top of the home page. The only major FREE Jewish singles site, The Scene features thousands of profiles for you to search. Find your besherte, make new friends, enjoy!
  • Your Town - We're putting up local community info as fast as we can. Here you'll find a wealth of resources so you can find what you need in your neighborhood…or in someone else's neck of the woods. Get the scoop on news, weather, cultural events, restaurants, people, businesses, synagogues and organizations.


On the right side of each page is an object that looks like a remote control. Each of these channels contains information organized by categories of interest, much as a library is organized. If you recall the old version of our site, we had this information listed in columns at the bottom of the home page. We've re-categorized it and made it searchable for you…and accessible from every page on our site. Here are some of the subjects you'll find:

  • Arts & Entertainment - Books, films, theater, TV, newspapers, magazines - everything you need to feel cultured!
  • Education - Anything to do with day schools, colleges, agencies, studying Hebrew, and more.
  • Family & Lifecycles - The whole Jewish lifecycle, from birth and bris to bar mitzvah, wedding, and death. And all the steps in between.
  • Food - Calling all noshers! Recipe heaven, plus an extensive kosher section, resources for vegetarians, and much more.
  • History - One of our most popular areas, categorized by geography, with a special section devoted to the Holocaust.
  • Holidays - Loads of info and links for every Jewish holiday you can think of, and some you didn't even know about.
  • Israel - Another Zipple favorite. From education to travel to publications, it's all here.
  • News & Politics - A rapidly growing area of Zipple, providing you with current events plus plenty of archived articles, in case you missed something.
  • Religion - Torah, Kabbalah, halacha, et cetera.
  • Travel - Where would like to go? Do your homework, make your reservations, and plan your vacation here…to Israel or anywhere.

Other info

At the bottom of every page you'll find links to information about Zipple - who we are, where we came from, jobs we're filling, and policies we maintain. Don't forget to click on Feedback and tell us what you think - we want your opinion!

Thanks for taking the tour!

Now spend a little time browsing through our site. We hope you like what you see! Just click here to get back to the home page. You can also jump to a random page on the site. Come back frequently, because we'll continue to add, update, and enhance the site over the weeks and months to come. And don't forget to sign up for membership - it's FREE!

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