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Lillith Magazine  $18 for 1 year (4 issues) or $32 for 2 years (8 issues)

LILITH is your link between feminism and Jewish life. Publishing since 1976 (!) the magazine brings you information about stuff you've probably had tickling the edges of your consciousness but never read about in a magazine before: New rituals and celebrations for a wedding ceremony, for childbirth, for turning 12, or 20, or 60. Feminist additions to your Passover seder and a new prayerbook for everyday. Role models you've never met before. Foremothers. Jewish hair (YES!). What's different about Jewish women's attitudes to food. Reviews of books, plays, films, music and videos. The best new poetry and fiction. Pages of resource listings in every issue--where to go for what if you're Jewish and female.

Jewish Heartland Magazine  $36 for 12 issues (2 year subscription)

A pluralistic, user-friendly magazine, Jewish Heartland casts a wide net over heartland Jewry -- from cattle farmers in northern Illinois to kugel makers in southern Indiana, from social activists in the Twin Cities to rock 'n' rollers in St. Louis. We cover the lives of young and old, singles and marrieds, secular and liberal and Orthodox. We reach out to often marginalized Jews: the disabled, homosexuals, residents of isolated towns.


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