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Dvar for Bo
Exodus 10:1-13:16

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the short (really short this week), practical Weekly Dvar! Your questions, comments, and referrals are always welcome, but this week I'd like to focus especially on the referral aspect. Although new members now have to confirm that they'd like to receive these Emails, feel free to continue to tell your friends, and refer them! Otherwise, I look forward to your responses, and hope this short Dvar makes you wanna read more about the Parsha! Enjoy...

In Parshat Bo continues the story of Paroh, and how it took him 10 plagues to realize that he should let the Jews leave Egypt. The strange thing is that G-d tells Moshe that He has hardened Paroh's heart not to let the Jews go. Why would Hashem have to do that? Furthermore, because G-d did harden his heart, why should Moshe bother asking Paroh?

The Lekach Tov brings a nice example to answer these questions: If two people are standing, and one is really blind, while the other is simply blindfolded. They both can't see, but only one is blind. The same could be explained of Paroh. Although G-d put a blindfold on him, he still wasn't blind! He always had it in his power to take off the blindfolds, just as we have the power to remove our blindfolds from whatever's holding us back from doing what we know we should! And that's why Moshe still had to go to Paroh. G-d is telling Moshe and all of us that although doing certain things can seem impossible, it is our job to see the bigger picture. It's our responsibility to realize that although we don't always do the right thing, we always CAN, if we just take off the blindfolds that are hardening our hearts.


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