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Dvar for Shemini
by Shlomo Ressler

Welcome back to the short yet practical Weekly Dvar. It's short, so you can memorize it easily, and it's practical so you'd WANT to memorize it, and share it with others. Of course, sharing with others can be through telling it over, or through referring others to this very list. Whatever works for you. Regardless, your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy...

The main story of this week's Parsha, Shemini, is of the death of Aaron's two sons after they tried to bring an offering they weren't supposed to bring. The Torah attests to the fact that Aaron was quiet about it, and didn 't complain or question G-d (10:3). Rashi explains that his reward was that G-d spoke to him directly. Why was that his reward, and why do we need to know what Aaron's reward is?

As the Lekach Tov explains, Rashi is telling us more then just about the reward Aaron got! It's been well documented that G-d doesn't speak to anyone that's sad. What that tells us that is that not only was Aaron quiet, but that he wasn't even sad about his sons dying, and never doubted G-d's decision to take them away. It's a spiritual level we should all strive for. If you think about it, if we only think of our physical lives, then in a sense we're dying with every second that brings us closer to it. But as Ramban explains, if we understand that there's more to life then our time on earth, we'll realize that this world is only the beginning, understand that there's less to be sad about, and live our lives embracing that "goal line". The Parsha (and Aaron) is teaching us that when we embrace death, we can start living!

Quotation of the Week (thanks to Jess):

"Be mindful, even when your mind is full." - NY streets

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Have an terrifically amazing Shabbat!!!!!!


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