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Every Rabbi's got to have an opinion, right?

Torah Portion: Miketz
Genesis 41:1
by: Yaacov Fogelman

Yosef's brothers seemed to have dashed his hopes and dreams of family leadership-- last week, we left him abandoned in an Egyptian prison for political prisoners. This week, his dreams are suddenly realized; he acquires vast power over Egypt and saves the whole drought-stricken region. His brothers arrive, abject-- at his mercy for their survival. His dreams of power may have been egotistic when he was still a self-centered, though precocious, adolescent God may have had to put Yosef through trials of Egyptian servitude to mature him.

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Torah Portion: Miketz
Genesis 41:1
by: Rabbi Stephen M Wylen

After Joseph interpreted the dreams of the butcher and the baker in Pharaoh's dungeon, why did God decree that Joseph would languish in the dungeon for two more years before his opportunity for redemption would arise? Following is one interpretation, based on the symbolism of the number "2".

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Torah Portion: Parshat Miketz
by: Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Have you ever noticed that the most contented people seem better able to deal with deprivation than their less happy peers, that those people with the most secure sense of being lovable are best able to hear criticism as an opportunity for their own transformation and growth?

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Torah Portion: Parshat Miketz
by Shlomo Ressler

Parshat Miketz starts by telling us that after two years Paroh had a dream (41:1). After two years of what? Well, the Midrash (sources) explains that Yosef (Joseph) stayed in jail for an extra two years because he told the drink servant to request for his release, when he should have trusted in G-d. But what's wrong with asking?

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Torah Portion: Parshas Miketz
M'lochim I, 3:15
by Rabbi Dovid Siegel

This week's haftorah reveals to us the extent one can be driven when plagued with jealousy. The haftorah relates the first court decision the wise Shlomo Hamelech rendered after assuming the mantle of leadership. It tells of two women who shared an apartment and had both given birth at the same time. Unfortunately, misfortune struck one of them and her child died in his sleep.

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