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Torah Portion: VaEra

P A R A S H A T Va-Era
Exodus 6:2-9:35

The text of Parashat Va-Era is available online at
Parashat Va-Era

An Unflinching Assessment of the Conservative Movement
Rabbi Avi Shafran

To be sure, the endowments and dedications, continue unabated; construction projects, rabbinic programs and Jewish Theological Seminary chairs are still well funded. But the essential goal of the entire Conservative experiment - to inspire Jews to Jewish observance - not only remains unrealized, but recedes farther from the realm of likelihood with each passing year.

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Parshas Vaera
Yechezkel 28:25
by Rabbi Dovid Siegel

This week's haftorah teaches us a profound lesson in arrogance and self dependency. The prophet Yechezkel is instructed to deliver a crushing blow to Pharaoh and his Egyptian empire predicting its downfall and total destruction. Speaking in the name of Hashem, Yechezkel told Pharaoh, "Behold I am bringing the sword against you and I will destroy man and animal from you.

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Dvar for Vaeira
Exodus 6:2-9:34

Glad you made it to another issue of the short, practical Weekly Dvar. This week is a big week, since we have now become a "legitimate" list in a way, since from now on all new referrals must be confirmed by the recipient. That means that when you refer your friends, tell them that they'll be getting an Email confirming that they want to be added.

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Torah Portion: Vaeira

Time as a cycle was a favorite theme of Franz Rosenzweig, especially the annual cycle of holidays. We see such cyclical patterns in the Torah too. Genesis begins with an all-good world, created and watched over by One God. But all is almost destroyed, as individual and collective Man fails to develop his Divine Image, fluctuating between pleasure and pride trips. The Patriarch's Family Saga begins the path back to Redemption and Restoration.

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Torah Portion: Vaera
January 26, 2001
2 Shevat, 5761
by Rabbi Stephen M Wylen

The spiritual labors of the patriarchs were for the sake of the Jewish people, which is why the patriarchs are called our fathers. They lived within the natural world, and not the supernatural world. They went from place to place, finding and revealing the spark of divine light that is hidden behind the natural world of appearances. The natural world is a world of illusion, a covering that hides the true being which is the spiritual light of God.

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