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Things A Jewish Mother Would Never Say

Be good and for your birthday I'll buy you a motorcycle!
Could you turn the music up louder, so I can enjoy it, too?
Run and bring me the scissors! Hurry!
My meeting won't be over till later tonight. You kids don't mind skipping dinner, do you?
I don't have a tissue with me -- just use your sleeve.
Well, if Timmy's Mom says it's okay, that's good enough for me.
Yeah, I used to skip school, too.
Don't bother wearing a jacket -- it's quite warm out.
Your wife knows best - forget about the advice I gave you
If she wants you both to move back west to live near her family it's fine with me.
You don't have to call me every week I know how busy you are.
Mother's day, Shmother's Day you just go to the beach and enjoy yourselves.

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