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A Jewish Odyssey

Various Artists
ASIN: B00004X0KU

Album Description

The diversity of modern Jewish music is a result of centuries of hard traveling and cultural interaction. The secular and religious sounds of the Diaspora now embrace everything from European memories to the Latin experience to folk and modern pop styles from the Middle East. For example, the jazzy pathos of klezmer music reflects shtetl (village) life in Russia and Poland during the early 20th century, while the Arabic-tinged Sephardic repertoire dates from medieval times and then back to Sinai. This thoughtfully assembled sampler covers the major roots and branches plus some bonus oddities.

Past Weekly CD's

Songs of Our Fathers

Andy Statman, David Grisman
ASIN: B000003919

Album Description

Another cross-cultural, acoustic-music synthesis is achieved on this collaboration between Grisman, the bluegrass/swing virtuoso who opens for Allison Krauss Thursday at Wolf Trap, and klezmer star Statman. Both are mandolinists, and on this album of seven traditional klezmer tunes, four Shlomo Carlebach compositions, and one Statman original, Statman challenges Grisman to play up to the tradition's standards, while Grisman challenges Statman to push the tradition's envelope. The result is a creative tension that keeps the music exciting. The two leaders are backed by a band that includes Meyer, classical guitarist Enrique Coria, and Phil Spector drummer Hal Blaine. For Grisman and Blaine, who are ethnically but not musically Jewish, this project is an emotional homecoming and those feelings can be heard in the playing. --Geoffrey Himes

Songs of the Seder

Judy Rubenstein
ASIN: B00004OCY1

Album Description

Judy Rubenstein sings the Songs of the Seder. Judy has a sweet and beautiful voice. She sings the songs, prayers, and chants of the Passover Seder simply and slowly so that everyone may learn them and enjoy them. This is first and foremost a teaching CD; only secondarily is it a performance. Even so, however one listens to this recording, it provides a wonderful musical experience.
Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Kids

Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
ASIN: B00004W3YB

Album Description

Amazing Songs For Amazing Jewish Kids contains terrific songs for Jewish families that teach Hebrew, holidays and values. This is the newest release from multi-award winning singer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh. The disc contains some much sought after songs such as Steve Dropkin's "Lulav Shake", Dean Friedman's "In My Sukkah" and Josh Miller's "Tree Song" and many original songs by Judy. Comes with all lyrics, songs are mostly in English and will be enjoyed by every member of your family.

Between Heaven and Earth:
Music of the Jewish Mystics
Andy Statman
Shanachie; ASIN: B000000E41

The Andy Statman Quartet

Audio CD (January 21, 1997)
Original Release Date: 1997
Number of Discs: 1
Shanachie; ASIN: B000000E41


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