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Yom Tov (Yahm Tov) Literally: Good Day

Rosh Hashanna is Yom Tov.

Past Weekly Hebrew Words

Shoah (show-ah) Literally: Whirlwind
Used as a term for the Holocaust.

The Shoah affects every Jew in every generation. May we never forget.

Pesach (pay-sahk) Passover.

We retell the story of the exodus on Pesach.

Haggadah (hah-gah-dah) Literally: To tell the story.

During the Pesach seder, we read the haggadah.

MIKVAH (mick- veh)
A ritual bath utilized at specific times (i.e. before marriage, conversion) or to ritually cleanse items to kasher them (ie dishes etc.)

Michael had to go to the mikvah as a part of his conversion process.


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