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African (1)
Asian (10)
Diabetics/Intolerants (7)

General (19)
Holiday (11)
Middle East (2)

Vegan (4)
Vegetarian (10)

African >>

Ethiopian Jewish Foods and Recipes

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Asian >>

Kosher Burmese Recipes
Kosher Cambodian Recipes
Kosher Chinese Recipes
Kosher Malaysian Recipes
Kosher Pilipino Recipes

Kosher Recipes from India
Kosher Recipes from Singapore
Kosher Sri Lankan Recipes
Kosher Thai Recipes
Kosher Vietnamese

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Diabetics/Intolerants >>

Best gluten-free recipes and advice on Coeliac/Celiac Disease
Children with Diabetes - Readers' Favorite Recipes
Diabetic Lifestyle: Recipes
Gluten-Free Recipes & Cooking Tips

KYoung's Recipes for Diabetics
Linda Blanchard's Site
Paleolithic Eating Support Recipe Archives

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General >>

JCN18 Recipes
Jewish Cuisine
Jewish Family Recipes From U.K.
Jewish Food Recipe Archives
Jewish/Kosher Foods
Jewish Kosher Recipes
Kosher Delight Recipes Page
Kosher Recipes
KosherZone Recipes
Linda Rubenstein's Recipes

Morten's Recipes
Recipes from Empire Kosher
Recipes from Kosher Express
RFCJ Archives Ruth's Kit
chen Jewish Recipes

SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
Susan Erenfeld's Kosher Recipes
Traditional Courses in Jewish Cuisine

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Holiday >>

Epicurious Jewish Holiday Recipes
Jewish Holiday Food
Sally's Place Holiday Recipes
Shavout Recipes
RFCJ Recipes: Hanukkah
RFCJ Recipes: Passover

RFCJ Recipes: Purim
RFCJ Recipes: Rosh Hashanah
RFCJ Recipes: Shavout
RFCJ Recipes: Sukkot
RFCJ Recipes: Tu B'Shvat

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Middle East >>

Yiddish Recipes
Yiddish Recipes Archives

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Vegan >>

Clear Creek Kitchen Recipes
The Jewish Vegan Lifestyle: Recipes
The Recipe Directory -Vegan
The Vegan Chef - Recipe Archive - Vegan Recipes

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Vegetarian >>

Clear Creek Kitchen Recipes
Fatfree - the Lowfat Vegetarian Archives
International Vegetarian Union
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Micah Publications

RFCJ Recipes: Vegetarian
Vegetarian Pages Food index
Vegetarian Recipe Swap
The Vegetarian Resource Group
The Vegetarian Society UK - Recipes Index

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