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Cast of Characters
Customs and Practices
Holiday with Five Names
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Shavuot: Cast of Characters

Creates a scenario befitting a Divine revelation: thunder, lightning, and trembling. Gives advance copy of the Torah's laws to Moses so that Moses may convey them to the people, but God personally delivers the Ten Commandments. And, he makes sure there are plenty of witnesses for the record (about three million, according to tradition).

Having led the Jewish people out of Egypt, Moses now prepares them to receive the Torah. He tells the people how to prepare themselves spiritually for the event-wash their clothes, don't have sex, yada, yada-and not to be afraid as God's presence descends upon the mountain. He later reviews with them the rules they'll have to observe if they want to accept the Torah.

The Jewish People:
They rise to the moment when, after hearing all the obligations that will be placed upon them, they declare, "We will do and we will listen." If only it was always so simple to get people to do what you want.

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