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Lloyd succombed to eating bacon one day. He felt so remorseful that he had nightmares and couldn't sleep at all for a whole week. In the end he became quite depressed about it. He decided to go and see the rabbi.

"Hmm..," said the rabbi, "you must start regularly attending shul, and after each prayer during the day you must say three tehillim."

Lloyd agreed. As soon as he could he went to shul and joined in the Mincha prayers. Then he sat down on a bench, picked up a sefer and started to read his three tehillim. Lloyd couldn't help noticing a chassidic man sitting next to him, with the full garb - black hat, payot, long beard, dressed in a black frock coat. The chassid was also reading from the sefer tehillim, but not three, it looked like 10 or more the way he was whizzing through them, no it was forty chapters!

Lloyd was shocked. He thought to himself," Such a pious Jew, with his black hat, payot and beard - and he could eat so much bacon!"


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