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A Jewish man moves into a Catholic neighborhood. Every Friday the Catholics go crazy because, while they're morosely eating fish according to the strict order of things, the Jew is outside barbecuing steaks.

So the Catholics work on the Jew to convert him. Finally, by threats and pleading, the Catholics succeed.

They take the Jew to a priest who sprinkles holy water on the Jew and intones:

"Born a Jew Raised a Jew Now a Catholic."

The Catholics are ecstatic. No more delicious, but maddening smells every Friday evening.

But the next Friday evening, the scent of barbecue wafts through the neighborhood.

The Catholics all rush to the former Jew's house to remind him of his new diet.

They see him standing over the cooking steak. He is sprinkling water on the meat and saying:

"Born a cow Raised a cow Now a fish."


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