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Gifts from Jewish mothers

A jewish mother is worrying day in and day out about her poor son, far away in a college: "Oijvey, will he ever find a nice girl,... will he have enough to eat,...will he be cold at night?" While worrying she decides to, at least, buy and send him two warm flanell shirts.

A couple of months later he travels back to New York and see his mother. After many hours in a bus he arrives erev-shabat at her door and thinks: "Wait, maybe I should wear one of the shirts she sent me! Sure this makes her happy!" He puts on the shirt, rings the door bell and his mother opens:



"Jankel, I am sooooo happy to see you! And you even wear one of the shirts I sent you!"

"But tell me one thing: You didn't like the other shirt?!?!"


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