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Welcome to "Who Wants to Be a Kosher Millionaire."

Now, of course, you know all the Rules

YOU HAVE THREE LIFELINES to help you, as follows:
1. You may call your Rabbi for his Opinion.
2. You may ask the Congregation for their Opinion
3. You may consider your Wife's or Mother's Opinion
... or not!

SO..... let's play "Who Wants to Be a Kosher Millionaire!

Q: Who is Israel's favorite Internet provider?
A: Netanyahoo

Q: What's the name of facial lotion made for Jewish women?
A: Oil of Oy Vay

Q: What is the title of the new horror film for Jewish women?
A: "Debby Does Dishes."

Q: What is the technical term for a divorced Jewish woman?
A: "Plaintiff."

Q: How does a Jewish kid verbally abuse his playmates?
A: "Your mother pays retail!"

Q: In the Jewish doctrine, when does a fetus become human?
A: When it graduates from Med. school.

Q: What does a Jewish woman do to keep her hands soft, and her nails long and beautiful?
A: Nothing, nothing at all.

Q: Define "Genius:"
A: A "C" student with a Jewish mother.

Q: What do you call a bloodthirsty Jew on a rampage?
A: Genghis Cohen.


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