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Rabbi enters Heaven

A Rabbi from Jerusalem died, and of course went to heaven, where he was stopped by the Angel Gabriel, who said that first an important personality has to arrive.

Indeed, the important personality arrived and was greeted with trumpets by the angels. The Rabbi gave a look at the person and realized he was a taxi driver from Jerusalem that he knew well. Only after the taxi driver entered, Angel Gabriel told the Rabbi that he can also enter. No trumpets, of course.

The Rabbi was perplexed and asked: "I was an important person, I studied the bible all my life, I gave religious services to the community for many years and you treat me like nobody; whereas, this person was a plain taxi driver, quite illiterate, and you treat him like a king. How come?"

"In our books", replied the angel, "it is written that when you preached everyone slept, but when he drove everyone prayed."


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