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Rabbis and Golf

Three very religious rabbis in black with long beards were playing golf. A guy named Mulhancy wanted to play golf and this was the only threesome in which he could play. So he joins the rabbis and plays 18 holes. At the end of the game his score is 104. The rabbis shoot 69,70 & 71. He says to them, "How come you all play such good golf." The lead rabbi says, "When you live a religious life, join & attend temple, you are rewarded." Mulhancy loves golf & figures, what do I have to lose. So he finds a temple close to his home, attends twice a week, converts to Judism, joins the temple & lives a holy life. About a year later, he again plays golf with the same three rabbis. He shoots a 104 and they shoot a 69,70 & 71. He says to them, "O-K, I joined a temple, live a religious life and I'm still shooting lousy. The lead rabbi says to him, "What temple did you join?" He said, "Beth Shalom." The rabbi retorted "Schmuck! That one's for tennis.


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