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Fresh Strawberries

During the times of the Stalinist rule in Communist Russia, a poor eldery Jewish man was arrested and thrown into jail along with two Russian peasants. The Jewish man was charged with 'crimes against the state' for teaching Jewish children how to read Hebrew. The two peasants were in prison charged with theft. They were all tried and due to be executed. The head of the firing squad asked each one of them in turn what they wanted as a last request. The first Russian peasant asked for a huge gourmet meal. He was served it and was then taken out and shot. The second Russian peasant asked for all the booze he could drink. When he had finished all the drink, he was also taken out and shot. The elderly Jewish man, thought for a bit and then asked for fresh strawberries. "But they're out of season!" shouted the head of the firing squad. "Then I'll wait," said the Jewish man


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