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Well-Dressed Man

A well dressed man entered a small shul in the Lower East Side of New York City. The people in the shul didn't recognise him at all, no-one knew him. The Shammes and the Rabbi approached him and politely welcomed him into the shul and asked him who he was and where he was from. They all sat down and the man took off his very expensive, smart hat.

He picked at some non-existant dust on his trouser leg and spoke, "I have lived in 3 countries previously. In England I was known as Maurice Foutain."

The Rabbi and Shammes looked impressed as the man continued, "In France I was called Maurice Fontaine," the Rabbi nodded to the Shammes approvingly, it was so good to have such well-to-do people attending their modest little shul.

Unfortunately, they gave each other looks of dismay as the man went on to finish saying, " Mind you, in the Heim I was known as Moishey Pisher!"


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