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Peres in U.S. to lay groundwork for talks

Parents of injured boy sue JCC

Israel News

Diplomatic contacts intensify toward ceasefire

Slain baby's funeral

International News

Czech school cancels seminars with neo-Nazis
Sarajevo Haggadah alive and well

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Week of April 29, 2001
Czech school cancels seminars with neo-Nazis
Sarajevo Haggadah alive and well
Nazis won the cold war?

Week of April 22, 2001
Heir to stolen property foiled by Czech law
Russian archives shed new light on Holocaust

Week of April 15, 2001
Jewish, Polish teens try to overcome stereotypes

Week of April 8, 2001
Neo-Nazis in Brazil
Neo-Nazi rock concert angers Czech officials
500 attend Moscow Children's Festival
Accused Nazi war criminal dies in Australia
Former SS man breaks oath of silence

Week of April 1, 2001
Hungary faces matzah shortage

Week of March 25, 2001
Kremlin nod to Lubavitch causing controversy

Week of March 18, 2001
Remembering the Buenos Aires embassy blast

Week of March 11, 2001
Rabbis Gather at Defaced Memorial
Holocaust Denial becoming Public Policy?
Massacre claims force Poles to examine their past
Croatian finds Holocaust education still touchy
European countries fund Jewish studies
Jewish in-fighting threatens Polish restitution effort
Documents from Croatian concentration camp in D.C.
Paris Jews Worry about Image

Week of March 4, 2001
Canadian Hate Speech Case ends
Goussinsky resignation seen as surrender to Kremlin
Australian museum may hold Nazi-looted art
Croatian Jews Face Identy Crisis
Moldovan Jews Help Elect Communists

Week of February 25, 2001
Anti-Semetic Writer Removed from Trade Show
Lithuania moves against ex-Nazis
Web site touts shooting range next to Nazi camp
"Jewish Week" for German Officials
European Jews Face Watershed

Week of February 18, 2001
Web site touts shooting range next to Nazi camp

Week of February 11, 2001
British nixing Israel travel plans
Web site touts shooting range next to Nazi camp

Week of February 4, 2001
Dutch looking for restitution claimants
Study: Russian schools more tolerant

Week of January 28, 2001
Training to respond to domestic violence
Israel Votes
Attacks soar on British Jews
London man sues over Nazi uniform gag
Austria, Jews reach restitution agreement
Slovak Jews press property claims
U.S. not involved in Taba talks
Katzav's Kremlin reception
Human rights advocates declare Russian 'emergency'
Jewish World News Briefs
Powell would work for Mideast peace
Ben-Ami, Arafat meet in Cairo
Jewish World News Briefs

Week of December 24, 2000
Jewish official nearly killed in Moscow mikvah
Hungarian Jews get official recognition
Austria pledges $150 million restitution

Week of December 17, 2000
Quebec P.M. slams party's anti-Semite
Dutch honored as Righteous Gentiles
Russian Jews alarmed by magnate's arrest
Clinton, Barak pressed on international court
Protests over Haider meeting with pope

Week of December 10, 2000
Boycott threat doesn't scare British store
Romanian anti-Semite defeated
Will George W. Bush forsake the 'Iran 10'?

Week of December 3, 2000
South Africa's hate speech ban tested
South African Jewish cemetery vandalized
Jews ask Pope not to meet with Haider
Canadian Jews used as 'political football'

Week of November 26, 2000
Palestinians push for U.N. force
Mideast strife reaches Down Under
Romanian xenophobe has shot at presidency
Mexico's Jews eye openly religious president

Week of November 19, 2000
French judge tells Yahoo! to block Nazi auctions
Yugoslavia's Jews look toward difficult future
Moscow synagogue raided
Violence has French Jews concerned
Anti-Semitic violence spreading in wake of Mideast crisis

Week of November 5, 2000
Chirac annoys Israel, French Jews
Yugoslavia's Jews celebrate
Rabbis and Torahs fly across Russia

Week of October 29, 2000
Trudea remembered as friend
Pope: Church document misinterpreted

Week of October 22, 2000
Lithuanian war criminal dies
Iranian minister faces protests
Yugoslavia Jews hopeful
Vatican decisions irk rabbis
British rabbis support twins' separation

Week of September 17, 2000
Iranian sentences reduced
Will Israel's new U.N. status matter?
Another U.N. hit
Holocaust survivor family reunited
Plan would save leading rabbi's grave
Sources: Iran looks to U.S. Jews for help

Week of September 10, 2000
Jewish groups mixed on lifting Austria sanctions
Jewish center opens in death camp's shadow
Jews enjoy international respect
Anti-Semites of the world, unite?
Panel sought to heal Bosnia's war wounds
Burial service for damaged tombstones 'a kind of closure'

Week of September 3, 2000
Missing Iranian Jewish teens may be alive
“Iran 10” will wait even longer


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