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Zipple's ShmoozePhone System

800 Internet
Auto Attendant


Enhanced ONE NUMBER Telecommunications Services:

Voicemail Speed Dialing
Faxmail Paging
Email Instant Call Connection
Caller ID Follow-Me Calling
Long Distance Calling and MORE . . .
Conference Calling Sign Up Today

Zipple's ShmoozePhone System provides toll-free Zipple's ShmoozePhone System communications to subscriber's individual office, remote, cellular, fax, pager and existing voicemail, faxmail and e-mail.

The U.S. census reveals that 75% of all calls made during any given day never reach the intended party on the first try; thus creating voicemail phone tag. With a Zipple's ShmoozePhone System toll-free number, all calls, voicemail, faxmail and email are instantly routed to the subscriber wherever they may be. All calls provide caller identification and pager notification so that the subscriber can choose which calls to connect live to, which calls to let go to voicemail and which calls to redirect elsewhere.

With a Zipple's ShmoozePhone System number account, the subscriber is aware of all attempted connections and is in control of all communication transactions via one toll-free number. Unlike other telecommunications services, Zipple's ShmoozePhone System locates the subscriber by sending a page notification and dialing three Follow-me numbers simultaneously.


The Zipple's ShmoozePhone System mission is simply to provide the most user-friendly, feature-rich set of enhanced value-added telecommunications services in the most cost-effective manner.


Zipple's ShmoozePhone System is a provider of enhanced, ONE NUMBER telecommunications services.

Zipple's ShmoozePhone System works with land line telephone lines as well as with wireless cellular, paging, PCS and computer units and service providers.

Zipple's ShmoozePhone System with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois. The company offers its products and services directly to end-user customers as well as through agents, resellers and strategic partnerships worldwide.

Get multiple user personalized voice mail for your organization through Zipple's ShmoozePhone System contact customer service for details.


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