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Benefits at Zipple

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ZippleTeam members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stock options - Everyone at Zipple has a stake in the company. Options are granted according to position with the company and date of hire.
  • Insurance - Staffers are covered at 100% for medical and dental insurance for themselves, and can purchase coverage for family members at Zipple group rates.
  • 401k - A 401k option is available for staffer contributions.
  • Vacation - Staffers receive three weeks of days off after 12 months with the company - this includes sick time and time off for non-major holidays.
  • Holidays - Zipple is closed for major Jewish holidays as well as national holidays; staffers who observe other Jewish holy days may take them off as well.
  • Shabbat - Staffers who observe Shabbat leave the office on Fridays as needed to reach home by candlelighting time.
  • Casual dress - In most cases, staffers may wear whatever they wish. When we call on customers and attend professional events we generally wear business casual clothes.
These benefits are subject to change - our hope is to continue adding to them and making life at Zipple even more rewarding.


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