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So you want to know about working at Zipple? You should only have so much fun! Here's what the ZippleTeam has to say about working here:
  • "This is so much more than just another job." People who have worked at other companies can't imagine going back there from Zipple. Why? Because we have a passion for this company. We're all doing something we believe in, something that drives us beyond depositing a paycheck. It's like that warm fuzzy feeling you get from volunteering…except that Zipple is very much a for-profit business.

  • "I love being in a startup." If you enjoy lots of hierarchy, structure, rules and regs, Zipple is not for you. We love the blank page of a startup, because we have incredible freedom to create as we go. People here are full of ideas, and they usually get to try 'em out. When the ideas work, they get passed along and everybody benefits. We try to provide just enough process to help people work efficiently, but beyond that - whatever works for you is fine.

  • "This environment is perfect for me." We're growing, but still small. There's no such thing at Zipple as passing complete strangers in the hallway. Not that you need to tell everyone the most intimate details of your life - but if you want to, you'll feel comfortable about it. Oh, and did we mention the dress code? No? Well, not to worry. Shorts and sandals are perfectly kosher in the summer; sweaters and fleece in the winter (remember, this is Chicago). Kipot and tzitzit are optional anytime.

  • "I'm getting to learn and do so many new things." We're staffed pretty lean at Zipple, which means that there's plenty to be done. Most of us wear more than one hat and get to work on stuff that builds our careers. The more multi-talented you are, the more you'll get out of working here.

  • "We have such a great group of people." Everyone at Zipple is hard working and dedicated. We're also a bit on the lunatic fringe. So, in the middle of cranking out stuff, you might get a great Jewish joke from one of the team. Or a link to a bizarre website. Or a message about matzah balls ('nuff said). On top of that, we strive to represent the community we're building, so we're a pretty diverse group - Jews and non-Jews; Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated; liberal and conservative; hard matzah balls and soft matzah balls (okay, no more about that). We want everyone to feel at home.
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