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bubbe (buh-bee) Grandmother
zayde (zay-dee) Grandfather

Hurry! Put on your sweater! Your Bubbe and Zayde are coming for dinner and will think I'm a terrible mother to let you catch cold!

Past Weekly Yiddish Words

yenta (yen-tah) Gabby, talkative woman; female blabbermouth
Stop being a yenta and gossiping about the neighbors!

Yenta Telebente (yen-tah tel-ah-ben-teh) Mrs. National Enquirer

Miriam is a yenta telebente and your business isn't gossip, its news! Her inquiring mind will find out everything thats doing!

bissel ( bih- sill) a small amount, a little bit.
Do you speak Yiddish? A bissel!

m'shigas (meh- shug-es) craziness
meshugana (meh-shoog-eh-nah) crazy person

My neighbor is completely meshugana and paid retail for her new shoes!

KEPPE (keh-pee) head.

Put a hat on your keppe or you will catch your death of pneumonia!


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