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Every Rabbi's got to have an opinion, right?

Torah Portion: Parshas Vayeshev - Erev Chanukah 5761
by Rabbi Label Lam

The Maharal from Prague explained that the candle is, in the language of symbolism, representative of the whole world. He explains the statement paraphrased in the following way: "One who is accustomed to looking at the whole world as a candle..." What does it mean to "look at the whole world like a candle."

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Torah Portion: CHANUKA TORAH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
by Yaakov Fogelman

A. THE CHANUKA TORAH READINGS On the first day of Chanuka *, celebrating the Hasmonean rededication of the defiled Second Temple, we read Numbers 7:1-17; the passage deals with the tribal princes' joint offerings of wagons and oxen upon the completion, anointing and sanctification of the tabernacle, during Israel's desert trek from Egypt to Israel;

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